01 Jul 2017

Bikers’ meeting “Chamois rallye”
Bikers’ meeting “Chamois rallye”

Summer 1970, 6 000 bikers gathered in Val d’Isère for the « Rallye des Chamois », to ride up the highest alpine road in the Alps. Pierre De Seynes, BMW General Secretary, was the instigator of this meeting.
The roars of the English, Japanese, German and French engines could be heard echoing around the mountains right up to the summit of the Iseran Pass at an altitude of 2 770m.
46 years on, this historic event is reborn and an eclectic « Chamois Reborn » has been recreated by biker enthusiasts.
This weekend aims to assemble all types of two wheeled motor bikes – past, present and future.

A REBORN week-end