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Heritage Gastronomy & architecture

The culinary delights of Val d’Isère revolve very much around Savoie cuisine, famous for its hearty, comforting dishes that showcase the local cheese, charcuterie and other products.

As for our village’s architectural features, they are a mix of traditional and modern, creating a landscape that blends harmoniously into the majestic natural backdrop of the Alps and contributing to the resort’s appeal for wintersports fans as well as mountain architecture enthusiasts.

Gastronomy Culinary traditions & local specialities

In Val d’Isère, gastronomy is a whole experience to be enjoyed by every fan of alpine cuisine.

Maison Chevallot Culinary traditions

The Chevallot family has been in Val d’Isère since 1965. Voted Best Pastry Chef in France in 1993, Patrick Chevallot keeps the family tradition alive. You simply cannot come to Val d’Isère without popping into one of his two pastry shops. One can be found on Avenue Olympique, the other, which has been fully renovated, in the heart of the village. Try the gâteau l’Ancolie, a local speciality, ‘bear’s paw’ cakes, Savoie cake, blueberry tart or just a delicous homemade hot chocolate.

Typical local dishes Savoie specialities

Cheese, dried sausage, cured ham, cakes and many more delights to feast on. The restaurants in the village and on the slopes serve traditional dishes like Savoie-style fondue and tartiflette. Enjoy the rich, comforting specialities of Savoie and replenish your energy after an action-packed day on the ski slopes or hiking trails. Shame about the diet, but we highly recommend you try them at least once!


Architecture Packed with character and tradition

Val d’Isère is a village with hundreds of years of history reflected in its built heritage, preserved and enhanced over the years.


The traditional architecture of Savoie uses local materials – stone, timber, metal and flagstone – that give the buildings a natural beauty and blends them into the mountainous surroundings.

While exploring, you’ll see an 11th-century church, a steeple dating back to 1664 and houses built from stone and timber with double-slope flagstone roofs. With its lovely remote hamlets, our village has a priceless charm and oozes with a friendly mountain atmosphere that is one of the main attractions of Val d’Isère.


  • Traditional chalets: Val d’Isère is famous for its traditional wooden chalets, a typical feature of mountain architecture. They have steep, double-slope roofs to avoid the build-up of snow, walls built of timber or stone, and small-pane windows. These chalets with a warm atmosphere and authentic feel can be found in the different hamlets of the village (Le Joseray, Le Fornet, Le Crêt…).
  • Saint-Bernard de Menthon Church: this church is one of the iconic sights of Val d’Isère. Built in the 17th century, it is typical of the religious architecture traditionally seen in the mountains, with its stone façade and wooden steeple.
The Col de l'Iseran will be open at 4pm today Access for summer skiing is open. The Col de l'Iseran will be open at 4pm today Access for summer skiing is open.
☀️Summer season: June 29th to September 1st, 2024 ❄️ Winter season: November 30th, 2024 to May 4th, 2025
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