Our eco-responsible approach

At our beautiful resort, we have a commitment and a flagship priority to take action and spread awareness on environmental issues. Find out all the measures and solutions that we implement each year, and come and join in with the highlight events organised by Val d’Isère’s green community.

Flocon Vert certification label

Did you know that our ski resort has the Flocon Vert seal of approval? This certification label rewards our continual efforts for improvement in favour of transition to a more sustainable approach to tourism development. For example, we work with committed partners and comply with more than 20 of the assessment criteria in multiple aspects of the approach: management, local economy, social and cultural initiatives, sustainable resource management.

Eco-design charter

In line with our sustainable tourism promise, is evolving into an eco-designed website! This means it will comply with a number of principles, such as the choice of an eco-friendly web host based in France, implementation of lazy loading, content kept as light as possible, economical technology, etc.

Val d’Isère working for its environment

At the foot of the Sources de l’Isère Glacier, where the village is protected by the formidable gateway formed by the gorges of La Daille, Val d’Isère nestles against a truly majestic natural backdrop of summits, valleys and slopes that so inspire visitors and that we so aspire to preserve.

Outstanding scenery Protected wildlife and flora

Beyond the village and the ski slopes lies a land ruled by ibex, marmots and other iconic animals of the Vanoise region. At least 400 chamois live here all year round as well as 150 ibex in the winter months, while two pairs of iconic birds of prey – bearded vultures and royal eagles – can be seen flying above the village and the trails. In terms of flora, Val d’Isère boasts more than forty protected plant species, such as Androsace Alpina.

Protected nature reserves

The Vanoise National Park, which extends across 5,240 hectares, is located to the south and the east of the village. In spring and summer, lovers of the great outdoors can take a break during their hike at one of the two mountain refuges run by the Park, and another which is privately owned. The Vanoise Park shares a border with the Grand Paradis National Park on the Italian side of the passes, and has two rare prairie sectors (S43 and S39) that are protected Natura 2000 sites (high valleys where Caricion grows).

The Baillettaz Nature Reserve, which covers 475 hectares, stretches across a south-facing mountainside and adjoins the Grande Sassière Nature Reserve of Tignes. The Leissières ridge and other remarkable sites below the Iseran pass, just outside the ski area, are protected by the Iseran Pass biotope decree.

The Iseran Pass biotope decree, concerns 214 hectares. It protects the Leissières ridge and some remarkable sites on the edge of the ski area, below the pass. Another area protected by a prefectural decree is the 202-hectare Grand Pré Biotope.

The Col de l'Iseran is open   The Col de l'Iseran is open  
☀️Summer season: June 29th to September 1st, 2024 ❄️ Winter season: November 30th, 2024 to May 4th, 2025
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