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During my stay
Departure / After your stay
  • Where can I go to book my bus or train ticket?

    Stop by the Tourist Office and use one of the machines to book your bus tickets. You can also purchase tickets directly from the bus driver, but you are not guaranteed a seat (some bus journeys need to be booked more than 48 hrs in advance).

    Book train tickets from the SNCF website only.

    We recommend booking transport as early as possible. Check out our transport page for all transport solutions.


  • Where can I leave my luggage while I'm waiting for my bus?

    There is a locker room available next to the bus station at Le Garage. You can leave your luggage there and even have a shower.

    There are also lockers available for small bags at the bus station.

  • What are the road conditions like at the moment?

    Find all the information about the conditions of the roads in real time on this page.

Val d'Isère tells its story

Val d’Isère is keen to keep its authentic and pioneering spirit and to give you the real mountain experience.

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