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Unusual activities

Would you like to take a dip in icy water, go dog-sledding, try your hand at biathlon or ride down snow-covered slopes on a snowmobile? Discover all our unusual activities to get out of your comfort zone and test new sensations! Enjoy these unforgettable experiences with friends or family in an incredible winter setting you won’t soon forget.

Climbing a icefall

A truly extraordinary activity, learn to read through the condensed matter of ice to create your own path, combining strength and delicacy with your crampons and ice axes.

The La Daille icefall is lit from 6pm to 10pm.

From beginners to advanced, group or private lessons, day or evening, it’s up to you to define your ideal conditions.

All our professionals are here to guide you safely➡️

Riding on snow in VTTAE & Fat Bike

Come and discover Val d’Isère’s snow-covered landscapes in an original way, on a Fat Bike or electrically-assisted mountain bike! An experience that will leave unforgettable memories for beginners and experienced riders alike.

Let the water carry you! Ice Floating

Come and try your hand at ice floating, a unique way to relax in the frozen Ouillette lake in a wet suit. A sensory experience in crystal-clear water to contemplate the mountains in total calm.

Try your hand at biathlon

This sport, which combines cross-country skiing and rifle shooting on a defined circuit, requires both endurance and agility!

Come and take up the challenge of biathlon, an Olympic sport made fun and friendly for everyone, on foot or skis. Relays, challenges, duels, test your team spirit in a group or with your family.

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Have you heard of the moonbike? This 100% electric machine is both powerful and light, and easy to ride, so you can discover the snow-covered peaks of Val d’Isère. This activity takes place on a closed circuit.


Come and try your hand at snowmobiling (for adults)! A snowmobile trail starting at the Tommeuses chairlift (pedestrian pass compulsory), test the pleasure of driving in Val d’Isère!

❄️ Winter season: December 2nd, 2023 to May 5th, 2024 ☀️Summer season: June 29th to September 1st, 2024
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