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An alternative approach to the mountains! The benefits of the mountains in winter

Situated 1,850 metres above sea level, our charming village and its vast ski area, with more than 300 km of slopes, has plenty of challenges in store, even for non-skiers. Our geographical location and mountainous terrain offer a host of possibilities for an alternative approach to exploring the mountains, enjoying the fresh air and experiencing the very special village atmosphere of Val d’Isère.

What are the real benefits of wintersports?

  • The high elevation of Val d’Isère (1,850 metres) is a serious advantage for athletes. The higher you go, the less oxygen there is in the air. This causes the body to produce red blood cells so that it can carry more oxygen in the bloodstream. Physical capacity then increases and stamina is improved during exercise. The effects become visible after 3 or 4 days in the mountains. Many high-level athletes take advantage of these benefits by coming to train here each year.
  • Exercising at low temperatures also brings advantages, such as the increased rate at which calories are burned in order to maintain body temperature.
  • Training in the mountains regenerates the heart and lungs. The pure mountain air isn’t just a godsend for the lungs. At altitude, it also boosts blood circulation and hence encourages the regeneration of oxygen and the blood. A great way to detox your lungs and heart!
  • But the main advantage of wintersports is the joy of spending quality time with family or friends, with that sense of freedom that comes with adrenalin activities. This sensation of wellbeing helps to relax both the body and mind.

Here are our suggestions for non-skiers who want to let off steam

Electric mountain biking on the snow

Try tackling the snow on a fatbike. This fat-tyred bike combines MTB pleasures and the comfort of electrical assistance, offering access to a multitude of snow-covered tracks and forest trails…

Book an excursion with the professionals and let the experts pass on their passion!

Ski touring After the uphill effort, the joy of the descent

Ski touring has become very popular just lately. This discipline gives you a chance to put your muscle power into exploring the ski area in all its immensity. It offers a more gentle and eco-friendly approach to the mountains, with the pleasure of the descent rewarding the effort of the climb. But this fabulous sport is not without risk and demands great vigilance. Our professionals are on hand to keep a watchful eye as they guide you to the virgin slopes for the experience of a lifetime.

Cross-country skiing The gentle way to ski

Cross-country skiing is excellent for the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. It develops stamina and causes fewer injuries. So cross-country skiers can take to the trails of the Manchet sector to explore the unspoilt wilderness and discover the superb panoramic scenery of the Vanoise Park.

Need further inspiration? Check out our other activities in the snow

Val d’Isère is the perfect playground for those who are keen to try new activities in the great outdoors! Climb an ice fall, try a yooner, hurtle down the slope on a sledge or pull on your skates and take to the ice!

For fans of life in the slow lane  Spa and aquatic activities

Massages, reflexology, beauty and wellness care are all at your disposal in places that ooze serenity, to help you unwind and rebalance your body and mind. Check out all the  Spas that are open this winter:

  • What we like best about La Mourra Spa is its amazing 17-metre indoor pool with a counter-current swimming lane. This wellness facility also features a sauna, a hammam and a relaxation area.
  • The Solaise Refuge Spa, perched 2,251 metres above sea level, offers a wellness experience like no other, with its 25-metre swimming pool, whirlpool bath, sauna, hammam and, outside, a bubble-dome treatment booth surrounded by snow.
  • The Sisley Spa can be found inside the Barmes de l’Ours Hotel. Enjoy an unbeatably relaxing experience to make your winter holiday complete, at this wellness facility of more than 1,000 m².
  • At the Avancher Spa, book a relaxing massage with our physiotherapist. Wellness area, fitness coaching and massages that revive or relax you and recharge your batteries.
  • The Pure Spa at the Tsanteleina Hotel plunges you instantly into the zen atmosphere of its refined decor! You’ll have access to the swimming pool, sauna and jacuzzi, as well as the gymnasium fitted with Technogym apparatus.
  • After a day on the slopes, there’s no better place to unwind than the Cinq Mondes Spa at the Izia Chalets! The pop-art wellness area wraps you in a cocoon.

The 5,000 m² Aquasportif Centre offers a wide range of pool and indoor activities and sports during the day but also evenings, with late opening on Wednesdays. Swimming pools, relaxation area, gymnasium, climbing wall, interactive games and much more… Activities galore for the whole family!

For epicureans who like to travel with their tastebuds

Stock up on delicious Savoie specialities!

Before you leave, purchase some of the local products to take home with you the delicious taste of your holiday in Val d’Isère. Visit the Adroit farmthe Haute Tarentaise dairy cooperative or  Les Sonnailles grocery shop to stock up on delicious cheese, charcuterie, honey, jam, liqueurs and other local products.

Looking for your next restaurant?

Savour a delicious meal prepared by Antoine Gras at his gourmet restaurant, La Table de l’Ours, 1 star in the Michelin Guide.

For a wider selection, check out all our restaurants that are open this winter! All you’ll have to do next is look at the mouthwatering photos of their menus and take your pick from whatever you fancy on the day.


For intellectuals

Tours to discover the resort’s history are available, as well as its natural heritage. The tour guides are professional ‘Pays d’Art et d’Histoire’ specialists from the Facim Foundation. You can also visit the Val d’Isère museum to learn all the secrets of our beautiful resort, not forgetting the media library.

Discover the traditional dimension of Val d’Isère and the history of this pioneering village.

For families Fun and adventure!

For those mad moments of uncontrollable laughter, try the sledging slopes and the adventure trail. If you’re more into adrenalin thrills, the mini snowmobiles and dog sledding activities should brighten your day!

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Take care of your body, so that your soul may feel good inside


See the village of Val d'Isère in winter

Val d’Isère is determined to retain its authentic feel and pioneering spirit, to offer you the true mountain experience.

The Col de l'Iseran is open   The Col de l'Iseran is open  
☀️Summer season: June 29th to September 1st, 2024 ❄️ Winter season: November 30th, 2024 to May 4th, 2025
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