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The mountain differently! The benefits of the mountain in winter

Val d’Isère is not only about skiing, far from it and we are going to show you that!

Our charming village and its activities will also seduce you, especially if you are not a skier. Its geographical location and its mountainous massifs offer many possibilities to discover the mountain in a different way, to oxygenate yourself and to make live the village spirit, specific to Val d’Isère.

What are the real benefits of winter sports?

  • The high altitude of Val d’Isere (1850m), is a real asset for sportsmen. The higher you are, the more oxygen is scarce. The body then produces more red blood cells to carry more oxygen in the blood. The sporting capacities are then increased and the endurance improves in the effort. An improvement is visible after 3 or 4 days spent in the mountains. Many top athletes take advantage of these benefits to return to train every year.
  • Sporting at low temperatures also has benefits such as burning more calories to maintain core temperature.
  • Training at altitude regenerates the heart and lungs. If the good clean mountain air is a paradise for the lungs, it also boosts blood circulation thanks to the altitude and therefore allows a regeneration of blood and oxygen. A real cleaning for your lungs and your heart!”
  • The main advantage of winter sports remains the pleasure of moments shared with family or friends, the feeling of freedom provided by the adrenaline of sport. It is this feeling of well-being that helps to relax both body and mind.

The electric mountain bike on snow

A big bike to devour the snow with full pedals. Equipped with large wheels, it combines the pleasures of mountain biking and electric assistance, and offers a multitude of rides on snow or in the forest…

Book an outing with Wild Sport Aventure: From 45€: a 1h30 outing including 10min briefing at the start

From 4 participants
From 1.45m for the height of the participant

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Ski touring The pleasure of the descent after the ascent

Very popular lately, ski touring offers the possibility of accessing the immensity of the domain, with the strength of your legs. It is a gentler approach to the mountain and respectful of the environment where the pleasure of the descent rewards the effort of the climb. As beautiful as it is, the practice remains risky and requires great vigilance. Professionals are at your disposal to supervise you and guide you to fantastic virgin slopes.

Off-piste skiing: safety first!

Good practices for backcountry skiing

Cross-country skiing The gentle ski

Excellent for breathing and improving cardiovascular capacity, cross-country skiing allows for more endurance and less trauma. Cross-country skiers will be able to venture out on the trails of Le Manchet and discover the wilderness as well as sumptuous panoramas of the Parc de la Vanoise.

For the slow life followers SPA and aquatic activities

Massages, reflexology, beauty and wellness treatments are available to you in serene and relaxing places to align your body and mind. Find all the Spas available this winter (masks required for all treatments and spas):

The Aquasportive Center offers a wide range of indoor aquatic and/or sports activities during the day as well as at night on Wednesdays. A Sports Walk is also organized on Mondays and Wednesdays from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m.

Breathe in the fresh air and discover the sumptuous landscapes offered by the Haute Tarentaise, while strolling on foot in snowshoes. Stroll through the village center for a shopping spree and discover our artisanal and/or local products.

For epicureans Eating starred in the mountains

Enjoy the cuisine of our starred chefs,

And many other restaurants to suit every taste and budget!

For families Fun and adventure!

For fun and laughter, try out the sledding slopes and the adventure course. If you prefer adrenaline, the mini snowmobiles and dog sleds will brighten up your day!

Val d’Isère offers a wide range of activities and moments to experience with the family!

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Taking care of your body so that your soul feels good

❄️ Winter season: December 2nd, 2023 to May 5th, 2024
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