05 Apr 2018

La Scara Party
La Scara Party

The Val d’Isère Sports Club invites you to join them for the juniors’ international race winners’ ceremony.
– From 4pm to 5.30pm: « Scara » mini Olympics (Val village)
All the « Scara » competitors will be competing in teams for points in a variety of activities such as arm wrestling, target shooting, archery etc.
– 5.45pm: Nations’ parade to music with “” from Dolomites square to the podium on the main road.
– 6pm: « Scara » prize giving and the local traditionnal weighing session where the winners carry off their weight in sweets! Main street podium.
– 6.30pm: Prize draw with a Playstation 4, skis etc to be won on the main street podium.
The main road will be closed to motor traffic from 6pm to 8pm
In the event of bad weather, the concert and prize giving will be held at the Conference Centre
From 4pm – Resort centre