The cheese farmThe cheese farm
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Off-season shop opening times

In Val d’Isère, some of the essential shops and amenities remain open off-season to meet the needs of residents and visitors present in the village during the quieter periods.

Places that stay open in the village

Bars, restaurants, bakeries, hotels, shops, medical centres, etc. Check our (non exhaustive) list of shops that stay open in the off-season period.

Many of these shops and amenities may reduce their opening hours. It is therefore advisable to check their opening times or contact them directly for updated information.

Organise your stay in Val d'Isère

Val d’Isère is determined to retain its authentic feel and pioneering spirit, to offer you the real mountain experience!


❄️ Winter season: December 2nd, 2023 to May 5th, 2024 ☀️Summer season: June 29th to September 1st, 2024
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