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Summer skiing 2017

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2017 Summer skiing
The Pisaillas glacier will be open from June 10th to July 16th, 2017*
*depending on snow conditions.
Come and enjoy great conditions

Winter 2017/2018
Val d’Isère ski area in the French Alps will be open from Nov 25th until May 1st, 2018

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Lifts and slopes map and openning
Val d’Isère has produced some legendary men and women: Henri Oreiller at the St-Moritz Olympic Games in 1948, Jean-Claude Killy and his three medals at the Grenoble Olympic Games in 1968, and of course the talented, charismatic Goitschel sisters.
Today, it’s your turn.
Welcome to the place where you will make your own snow-filled memories!


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Сноупарк Val d'Isère ... Адреналин закачивает в снежный парк с 25 уникальными рельсами, 3 естественными бордекросами и большими площадями для новичков, все расположены по другую сторону Бельварда. Пора попробовать самые сумасшедшие прыжки, рельсы и трюки. Все идет. Снег должен продолжаться!

Why choose Val d’Isere to ski  in the French Alps ?

Great minds coming together

In Val d’Isère, passion has no boundaries. Teens, over fifties, celebrities and champions… Everyone comes here for the best skiing out there.
300 kms of ski runs, 1900m of vertical and the legendary Face de Bellevarde at your feet! At first, it can seem a little bit overwhelming but the attraction is so strong and so natural that you won’t be able to resist it for long. The mountain is calling, vast and fascinating. Your feet are getting itchy. You stamp them. OK, take a big breath and go for it! You are in Val d’Isère.

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