Our free shuttle buses will take you around the village and to the different hamlets like The Fornet, Le Manchet and La Daille.

2021 Summer planning

Our free shuttle buses will take you around the village and to the Sports Parks.

RED BUS La Daille / Le Fornet
From June 26th to August 21st : every 15 minutes –  From August 22nd to 28th : every 30 minutes

  • La Daille : 1st bus : 8am / Last bus : 7.30pm
  • Le Fornet : 1st bus : 8.15am / Last bus : 7.45pm

From July 3rd to August 21st : every 15 minutes-  From August 22th to 28th : every 30 minutes

  • Bus station : 8.15am / Last bus : 7pm
  • Le Manchet : 1st bus : 8.30am / Last bus : 7.15pm


DID YOU KNOW? All bus stops (red shuttle) are marked with signs which show the direction of the bus and the route map. The bus stops are also equipped with a live information system telling you when the next shuttle will arrive.


Winter planning

RED SHUTTLE –  Le Fornet/La Daille

From 8.15am to 6pm

  • First Departure from de la Daille :  8.15 am
  • First Departure from Le Fornet : 8h35
  • Last departure from La Daille : 6.15pm
  • Last departure from La Fornet : 6.35pm
    Every 40 min

Schedule shuttle are available in live with the app Val d’Isère Ski.