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Podcasts Val d'Isère has a story to tell

Whispers from Val d’Isère, the podcast that takes you behind the scenes of Val d’Isère and tells the stories of those who have shaped our resort. These podcasts unveil all those little secrets about Val d’Isère that you’ve always been curious about. Whispers from Val d’Isère, the podcast that reveals all about Val d’Isère from yesteryear to the present day.

Whispers from Val d’Isère All there is to know about the resort

Where do the bearded vultures hide?

When was the resort created?

How did Val d’Isère become a sports heaven?

Why is the Eagle the resort’s emblem?

Where? When? How? Why?

There are still many more questions to fill your sleepless nights!


Secrets of Val d'Isère in audio Our Podcasts

Episode 1  Birth of Val d'Isère

4’21 min

Episode 2  A resort for champions

6’11 min

Episode 4  The secret behind the ski slopes

4’41 min

Episode 5  Mountain gastronomy

6’02 min

Episode 6  The legend of the red sweaters

4’46 min

Episode 7  Meet the animals of Val d'Isère, a true wildlife sanctuary

4’23 min

Episode 8  Why are some Val d'Isère residents known as The Chinese?

2’50 min

Episode 9  Val d'Isère, originally a summer resort

4’36 min

Episode 10  History of the ski lifts - part 1

4’17 min

Episode 11  History of the ski lifts - part 2

6’01 min

Val d'Isère In all its facets

Val d’Isère is determined to retain its authentic feel and pioneering spirit, to offer you the real mountain experience!

❄️ Winter season: December 2nd, 2023 to May 5th, 2024 ☀️Summer season: June 29th to September 1st, 2024
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