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Our top tips for your trip to Val d'Isère in winter

Before you go, plan ahead!

Here are our top tips for a great trip and stay in Val d’Isère.

Your trip by car

To access the Val d’Isère ski resort during the winter season, we recommend that you equip yourself with winter tires, or bring your own chains. Don’t forget to keep them close at hand, so you can easily find them and install them at any time!

⚠️ In the event of heavy snowfall, we recommend that you avoid taking the road and therefore postpone your departure wherever possible.

Our advice

  • Snow chains are compulsory on at least two drive wheels on snow-covered stretches of road when there is a “special equipment compulsory” sign. If you have to chain your vehicle, be sure to use the chain-laying areas indicated. There is a “La Raie” chaining area when you are on the road to Val d’Isère after Sainte-Foy Tarentaise.
  • Snow socks are authorized and can be used on roads with the “équipements spéciaux obligatoires” sign. Nevertheless, this substitute equipment cannot, under any circumstances, replace traditional chains in extreme conditions.
  • It is forbidden, for obvious safety reasons, to overtake snow removal machines during an operation, and in the event of a traffic jam, do not leave your vehicle without being asked to do so by the forces of law and order!
  • For returns from the resorts, it is strongly advised to have the necessary equipment for driving in snowy conditions.
  • In bad weather conditions, adapt your speed and be even more cautious.
  • You may come across regulation lights on your road, you’ll understand their usefulness better by reading this document.

Our little extras

💡 Practice mounting your special equipment on your vehicle to save time and minimize risks when you’re in more difficult conditions.

💡 To make the journey in complete serenity, remember to keep bottles of water, a cloth or tissues to wipe your hands in case of mounting chains, something to eat, warm clothes and a bit of patience near you in your vehicle.

Listen to or follow the news in real time

To find out about traffic conditions on the road networks or in the Val d’isère resort at any time, you’ll have all the information you need in real time:

  • Radio Val d’Isère (96.1 Mhz or streaming) for local news
  • Twitter, Facebook and Instagram from Val d’Isère for road and safety information
  • Autoroute INFO (107.7 Mhz) for motorway networks

Savoie Road conditions and traffic

+33 (0)4 79 37 73 37 – 24h/24

France Road conditions and traffic

+33 (0)892 687 888 – Free call from a landline 24 hours a day

Your stay in the mountains

Located at an altitude of over 1800 meters, Val d’Isère offers a mountain climate for which it’s imperative to equip yourself with specialized gear: warm, waterproof clothing, gloves and hats, as well as sunglasses suitable for the mountains.

Safety rules must also be followed, particularly during heavy snowfalls or gusty winds. All professionals will make sure to prevent any risk linked to these meteorological hazards by preventive avalanche triggering work (PIDA), closing ski lifts as well as closing roads for pedestrians and/or cars.

Some simple and effective precautions

  • Don’t walk behind buildings that are located on the mountainside
  • Prioritize the main axes for your travel
  • Stay informed with real-time information given on social networks (Twitter, Facebook and Val d’Isère’s Instagram) or the Val d’Isère website.
  • And take the opportunity to relax at home over a cup of tea!

Val d'Isère tells its story

Val d’Isère is keen to retain its authentic, pioneering spirit and bring you the real mountain experience.

The Col de l'Iseran will be open at 4pm today Access for summer skiing is open. The Col de l'Iseran will be open at 4pm today Access for summer skiing is open.
☀️Summer season: June 29th to September 1st, 2024 ❄️ Winter season: November 30th, 2024 to May 4th, 2025
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