Osteopathy is manual therapy. It deals with mechanical disorders (low back pain, sciatica, etc.), circulatory (heavy legs, headaches, etc.), sleep or even digestive disorders (reflux, difficulty digesting, etc.).

Your therapist graduated from a 5-year training course at the European Center for Higher Education in Osteopathy in Lyon and was trained in parallel:
IUD Emergency and field care in sports (tape and strap station, specialized in “symptoms of concussions”), pediatrics and pregnancy, “emotional” focusing, geriatrics.

Consultations take place at the Aquasportif Center in the wellness area and last approximately 45 minutes. The price is 75€ (seasonal prices and infants)

Osteopathy is for everyone, from infants to the oldest and adapts to your needs: “gentle” practice, visceral, cranial, sports and pediatric care.
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