The new restaurant at La Daille will be talked about. A real grill restaurant, but beware: finely selected pieces of meat, of course, but with whole fish, various vegetables and even vegetarian dishes, all cooked on the grill.
In a relaxed atmosphere, come and enjoy one of the sunniest terraces in the village.
Les Tontons Grilleurs is also the new bar in La Daille. Start at 8 am with the breakfast formula. Enjoy a refreshment on the terrace after your day of skiing. Relax with a glass of wine from its beautiful cellar and a tasting board with friends.

The new restaurant on the Daille snow front.
At the foot of the slopes, on its sunny terrace, discover its selected meats, fresh fishes, vegetables, all entirely cooked on the grill.
It’s also the new bar de la Daille with a real selection of wines and signature cocktails.

Plus d'infos au +33 6 71 93 20 18

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