Built in 1955, Le Kandahar was completely renovated in 1994 and enlarged in 2001.
Giving a large place to raw materials such as wood and stone, it remains faithful to the Savoyard architectural charm.
In the middle of the village and at few steps away from of the Bellevarde and Solaise skiing areas, it is ideally located to live entirely « The Val d ‘Isère experience ».
Sophisticated but simple, from the mountain but comfortable, Le Kandahar is the promise of a sweet and cosy stay.
With its superb location, it offers festive moments as well as a gestronomic experience in his Tavern of Alsace, and relaxation in the bar, the sauna or the steam room.

Cet établissement est labélisé

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The hotel Kandahar welcomes you at the entrance of the main street, only 250m away from the slopes. It is situated to live fully “the Val d’Isère experience”.

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