Family meetings, couples or with friends… Bring your holiday memories
What are the moments?
Real life like a treasure hunt, quite simply.
On your holiday spot, no matter the weather!
Children often have a lot of fun during the sessions, and your daily life comes alive with nuggets, which I take on the spot.
How do I choose my session?
The classic session, for example, lasts 2 hours and allows you to receive the entire report, or more than 60 varied photos!
Let me, above all, listen to your desires and advise you.
How is the session going?
1. Together, we take the time to build it: you tell me about your habits, about what matters to you.
2. The session adapts to your program, and even to the unexpected! I discreetly capture the scenes that

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Lifestyle photo session with family, partner or friends.
Take back your holiday memories.

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