Open from September 02nd to 6th from 2pm to 8pm

Annual closing from September 07th to 15th.

From September 16th to November 29th:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday from 2pm to 8pm
Wednesday from 12am to 6pm.

Exceptional closure on November 1st and 11th.

Place: Aqua Complex Leisure.


Amateurs or novices, take place on board of this simulator unique in the world, choose your level and live the breathtaking reality of the driving on track close to 300 km/h… in complete safety
This driving simulator ELLIP 6 is waiting for you! Change from F1 to rally with the flick of a switch.
Located in the Aqua Leisure Complex Lounge World overlooking the Beach World, expert pilots and ambitious novices are in for a unique experience, adrenaline rush guaranteed ! Created using aeronautical technology, this simulator offers authentic sensations of all types of motor racing: F1, rally or GT. It is so precise that many of the top pilots use it for training purposes.


Session of 10 min: 20€
5 sessions of 10 min: 80€
Minimum size: 1,30m

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