Cardio & weight zone

From May 22nd to June 29th, from 2 to 8pm, Monday to Friday
(Espace Tonique, Espace Sportif, Espace Children)

Overlooking the pool, the Fitness Area is aimed both at the general public and elite athletes.
Fitness, body shaping or developing muscle: equipment is on offer for every discipline. Work on your cardio while strengthening your body on the ellipticals, stepers, rowing machines and ergonomic bikes. When it comes to muscle, try your hand at the latest equipment from the leading experts, TRX and Technogy.

Endurance, balance, flexibility, body shaping and muscle strengthening all abilities and goals are catered for.

Winter 2018: Courses and times Aquasportive Center

10am -11am
Monday & Thursday – Hatha Yoga
Friday 10.15-11 – Pilates

Monday & Thursday – Strengthening muscles
Tuesday – Pilates
Wednesday – Piloxing
Friday – TRX
Sunday – High interval Intensity Training

3.30pm to 4.15 pm
Monday – Pilates
Tuesday – TRX
Wednesday – Bike
Friday – Cuisses abdos fessiers
Saturday – Pilates

5pm to 5.45 pm
Tuesday – Bodystyp

6.15pm to 7.15pm
Wednesday – Prenatal Yoga

6.30pm to 8pm
Tuesday & Thursday – Hatha Yoga
Sunday – 6.30 to 7.15pm – Bodystyp

7 to 7.45pm
Friday – Stretching

7.45 to 8.30pm
Wednesday – Zumba

Interval training: split training method.
Alternating high intensity exercises and recovery phases.

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