Opened since December 20th, 2017 in the premises of the “Maison de Val”, the museum tells you the story of our beautiful resort and those who made it so…

Open Monday to Friday from 9h to 21h30. Sunday from 17h to 21h30.
Free, for all audiences.

At the foot of the mythical “Face de Bellevarde, join in the adventures of a typical Savoy village, whose way of life was turned upside down at the dawn of modern times. The local museum houses an educational tour of the region through a series of themes such as traditional dwellings, the origins of the resort, the arrival of skiing and the environment. At the beginning of every era, a handful of men reinvented themselves and rose to the new challenges brought upon them by mountain life. Discover how a handful of pioneers made the most of the perilous but promising land in harmony with the rhythm of the season. From a farming way of life to an international ski resort, meet the locals known as Avalins who shaped Val d’Isère.

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