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Getting started cross-country skiing, Nordic skiing

Cross-country and Nordic skiers can venture out on the various loops (20 km throughout the resort) and discover the wilderness and sumptuous panoramas of the Vanoise.

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Sector Lake Ouillette

A footpath leads to Lac de l’Ouillette and the restaurant La Plage de l’Ouillette. Perched at an altitude of 2,500m, these 2 cross-country ski loops offer an exceptional setting around a lake buried under snow.

  • Blue trail – Around the lake > 2 km loop.
  • Red trail – Panorama > 6km loop.

Access via the Solaise gondola. Don’t forget your pedestrian pass.

Sector La Daille

The La Daille plain offers a cross-country ski loop:

  • Piste bleue – La Daille > 3 km loop.

Access by free shuttle bus > le “train” Rouge > Direction La Daille > Funival stop.

Sector Le Manchet

The Manchet valley welcomes you to its sumptuous setting. The green, blue and red cross-country ski trails stretch right up to the gates of the Vanoise National Park.

  • Green trail – Eau Rousse > Loop 4 km.
  • Blue trail – Le Manchet > 7 km loop.
  • Red trail – Cascade > 8 km loop.

Enjoy a relaxing break in the L’Art Des Mets restaurant in the heart of Le Manchet or at Le Relais.

Access by free shuttle bus > le “train” Jaune > Le Manchet stop.


Sector Le Laisinant

Le Laisinant offers a blue trail for cross-country skiers who want to get off to a good start in this charming little hamlet!

  • Blue trail – Le Laisinant > Loop 1.3km

Access by free shuttle bus > le “train” Rouge > Direction Le Fornet > Laisinant stop.

Discover the village of Val d'Isère in winter

Val d’Isère is committed to retaining its authentic, pioneering spirit and giving you the true mountain experience.

❄️ Winter season: December 2nd, 2023 to May 5th, 2024 ☀️Summer season: June 29th to September 1st, 2024
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