Road conditions

road conditions

The road between Bourg-Saint-Maurice and Val d'Isère is open. Snow tyres or chains are necessary. It is recommended to drive or to commute in the resort only if necessary. No school bus for Bourg Saint-Maurice tonight and tomorrow morning. Fornet/Laisinant roads stay open all night long for vehicles but not for pedestrians. Santel parking closed. PEDESTRIANS: Fornet, Laisinant, Chatelard and Joseray roads closed to pedestrians. The red shuttle bus will run from 4pm and will serve Fornet as well. No yellow bus nor blue bus. Attention: Slippery roads and sidewalks. Stay away from the edges of the buildings, the snow and ice may fall from the roofs. The Iseran pass is closed.
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Heavy traffic warning
Due to the heavy traffic expected on Saturdays during the school holiday period, why not travel early or late in the day.


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