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Going on an expedition to discover our landscapes has never been so easy! From the short stroll to the long hike with changing altitude, everyone can find his way and enjoy himself at his own pace, so put on your trekking shoes and leave for unknown lands with your eyes closed!

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Val-d’Isère’s high mountain guides offer you to discover our beautiful landscapes via different activities: classic hiking, glacier hiking, climbing, via ferrata, canyoning…

Tarzan lines, nets, extreme workshops, zip lines are all there for you to experience a sensation-filled adventure! It’s up to you to follow the course you’ve taken and meet the various challenges that lie in your path.

Good to know

Some rules of good conduct inside the Parc de la Vanoise. You are asked to:

  • do not leave the marked trails
  • do not pick or take any fruits, flowers, or minerals
  • do not leave any traces of your passage
  • do not camp, bivouac, or light any fires
  • do not disturb the area with noise, shouting, or sound devices
  • do not paraglide or mountain bike

    Dogs on a leash are allowed in all areas outside the Park and outside the Bailletta Reserve.

    ❄️ Winter season: December 2nd, 2023 to May 5th, 2024
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