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Associations And events

Each year, find the different actions carried out by our collective to engage and raise awareness of sustainable development and ecology among holidaymakers, seasonal workers and downstream residents.

A sustainable charter for our events

Common to all entities of the village, an environmental charter is developed in 2022 by the Sustainable Development Laboratory as a tool for organizing, monitoring and evaluating events. The Val d’Isère Sports Club, Val d’Isère Tourism, Val d’Isère Téléphérique, Vie Val d’Is and the Town Hall are required to follow this charter closely for each event in order to guarantee the public events with a minimum impact on the environment. It covers the basics of recycling and waste recovery, but also the principles of communication and marking on site. External service providers are included in the approach in order to go all the way with the commitment.

ECOMOVE : the green collective of Val d'Isère

Since 2007, the Val d’Isère employees’ association, Vie Val d’Is, has grouped all its environmental projects under the collective “Ecomove”. Led mostly by volunteers, it aims to propose solutions to local environmental issues with the following objectives:

  • Awareness of vacationers, seasonal workers and downstreamers to environmental issues in the mountains.
  • Propose simple actions to the various actors of the resort.
  • Federate the actors of Val d’Isère around common projects.

The actions of the collective

  • Environment Day: Every summer for more than ten years, waste collection has been organized on a sector of the Val d’Isère ski area. In 2021, 185 volunteer collectors collected nearly 1 ton of waste on the different sectors of the village. In 2020 they were 200 for more than 1 ton collected on the ski area. Among the collectors there were 44% holidaymakers, 37% locals, 10% seasonal workers for the summer, 5% who came to Val d’Isère especially for this day and 4% owners. The average age of the collectors is 35 years (2019 figures).
  • Ecomove Day : The objective of this event is to raise funds to finance sustainable development projects set up during the summer season (e.g. vegetable patches). You will find a big sale of the local solidarity of the association, a stand of manufacture of cleaning and hygiene products, a workshop of repair of bicycle / ski, a book exchange, refreshment stand, etc.
  • Ecocups: No disposable cups are used to serve mulled wine at the snow-shows (torchlight descent) and at the new year for over 10 years! The collective offers free reusable cups to all event organizers. This approach aims to reduce the use of disposable cups and therefore limit the creation of waste, while keeping, the places of the event clean.
  • Awareness campaigns : Throughout the year, Ecomove implements actions with the aim of raising public awareness such as the free distribution of pocket ashtrays to seasonal workers and tourists in the resort, vegetable garden squares for the village residents, awareness posters on the ski area and in the village (reduce waste and the number of cigarette butts thrown on the slopes, reduce waste in the resort and ensure that holidaymakers as well as residents become aware that they are in a mountain environment on the ski slopes as in the resort)
  • Transportation: Vie Val d’Is and Ecomove use cargo bikes as a means of travel to reduce their ecological footprint. The free regional carpooling solution Mov’ICI is offered with a dedicated local community: GoWiz, the carpooling Haute Tarentaise.
❄️ Winter season: December 2nd, 2023 to May 5th, 2024 ☀️Summer season: June 29th to September 1st, 2024
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