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Parking lots

in Val d'Isère

Many parking lots are available in all the hamlets of Val d’Isere, choose your location in relation to your accommodation.

In summer

the parking lots are free

You can park anywhere you want in the summer, all parking is free!

In winter

remember to reserve your parking

Simplify your arrival and setup by reserving your parking in advance.

The map

parking lots

Charging stations

Electric vehicles

At La Daille: it is located to the left of the funicular footbridge.

At Le Fornet: it is located just before the gondola building, with regulation signage.

Visible terminals on all operators’ cards and all interoperable* passes are accepted (*terminals that accept all cards from all operators).
Slow charging terminals of 7 K/Watt at a rate of 3€ per hour.
Parking is limited to 12 hours maximum while charging.
The blue disc is mandatory during charging time.
P0 – Parking du Centre (covered): 17 shell business pro & Lite 3.0 terminals (type 2 socket)

P3 – Parking du Crêt (covered): 2 terminals

P5 – Parking Plaine de La Daille (aerial): 1 terminal for 2 cars

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in Val d'Isère

Val d’Isère is keen to keep its authentic and pioneering spirit and to give you the real mountain experience.

☀️ Summer season : 1 July to 3 September 2023