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March 2023
March 2023

Tignes – Val d’Isère Bike Park

Haute Tarentaise – Savoie (73) – France

Accessible for everyone from beginners to experienced riders, the Tignes-Val d’Isère Bike Park has is suitable for all practices: DH/Downhill, XC/Cross Country, All Mountain, Enduro and more.

By mountain bike or e-bike and even in an all-terrain wheelchair, hurtle down our 220km of dedicated trails and courses for the ultimate thrill!

Bike Park opening dates

From June 25 to August 28, 2022 (subject to accessibility conditions).

Live ski lift & trails opening

Bike Park trails map to download

Homme vélo Bike Park

New for 2022

We begin by unveiling our new e-bike courses with a new La Daille climb and three new courses on the Bellevarde sector.


1. E-Bike Climb – Fée Magique

A new E-Bike climb leading to the Col de Fresse and then Tignes from Val d’Isère. It kicks off with a wide section with a fairly steep slope before flattening out and becoming much more accessible in the mountain pastures. From the top of the Col de Fresse (alt. 2,576m) you can either take the blue-level DH trails back down on the Tignes side or the green (Popeye) or blue descents (Blue Lagoon) on the Val d’Isère side.

The advantages of this route: reach the top of the ski area without using the ski lifts! You can also branch off at five lower-altitude stages to return via the Popeye green trail or the Val Bleue blue trail if you prefer a shorter ride.

  • Difficulty: blue
  • Length: 9 km
  • Total elevation gain: 780 m


2. E-Bike Climb – Sheepy Steppe

This new E-Bike loop allows you to reach the top of the Blue Lagoon trail while discovering the wild and unusual nature of the Borsat and Grand Pré summit sector. You can find it by following the beginning of the Popeye trail, until you reach the fork which leads on to this new route. No particular technical difficulty, though you must be capable of descending via the Blue Lagoon trail.

  • Difficulty: blue
  • Length: 3.2 km
  • Total elevation gain: 210 m


3. E-Bike Climb – Wild Isère

This brand new E-Bike route is an extension of the Into The Wild trail, which provides access to it. Wild Isère leads to the entire first section of the Very Bike Trip (black level) enduro trail, just before it starts to get nasty. Instead of going that way, though, you can climb on up to the top of Borsat along this new wild ascent.

  • Difficulty: rouge
  • Length: 4.1km
  • Total elevation gain: +410m


4. E-Bike Climb – Freezy

Another new E-Bike climb. It leads to the top of Bellevarde from Into The Wild trail, by taking a very steep pedestrian path (pedestrians have priority). Like Wild Isère, it uses Very Bike Trip’s famed initial section but goes up to Bellevarde instead of leading back down to Val d’Isère.

  • Difficulty: black
  • Length: 2 km
  • Total elevation gain: 240 m



The following trails have been thoroughly renovated in Autumn 2021 to make them even more fun and modern!


An all-terrain wheelchair course 

Fauteuils Tout Terrain (FTT)

Following our collaboration with the French Handisport Federation, the Tignes-Val d’Isère Bike Park welcomes its first course dedicated to both disabled and able-bodied all-terrain wheelchair riders. This new route combines the portions of the Popeye and Val Bleue trails. “FTT” (“ATW”) markers can be seen beneath the markers on the trails in question. A Level 2 route on the national French Federation of Disability Sport scale.


The unmissable trails

Read on to discover our selection of the most beautiful trails in the Bike Park!


Val d’Isère side

  • Val Bleue : historical slope of Val d’Isère. It is the oldest but mostly the most frequented! Constantly improved and uptaded, its «flow» is still incomparable, we love it whatever the level. Beginners find the Val Bleue ideal for continuing to progress, and experts come to relax and have fun with all of the slope’s options!
  • Fast Wood : a real DH mixing landscaped and aerial sections, with other natural, rocky and forest sections, it rolls hard!
  • Into The Wild : change of scene garanteed! The only uphill from Val d’Isère to Bellevarde mountain without the use of chairlifts, she will thrill the most experienced bikers. Alternating between mountain tracks and trails specifically created for E-MTBs, this long wild uphill will give you access to most of the Bike Park’s slopes : Easy or technical downhill, enduro tracks and E-MTB connection to Tignes.


Tignes side

  • Smoothie : the most chilled and the simplest of all trails in the Tignes Bike park. Ideal for the youngest, beginners and families!
  • Kangooride: a red-level trail, with a lot of flow and a very “aerial” atmosphere!
  • Black Metal Elite : so intense and fairly technical! You will have the impression of diving into Tignes lake…
  • Dark Jadore : expert-level E-Bike trail that takes you to the Palet pass and back down via 7 small lakes, including the Chardonnet lakes.
  • Cow Lanta : a rather easy E-Bike loop for improvers, with a compulsory photo break near the Tignes letters and a view of the Chevril lake.


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