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February 2023
February 2023

From 19th to 22nd April 2022, the International Adventure & Discovery Film Festival in Val d’Isère is inviting spectators to celebrate its 25th anniversary in person and online. Over four evenings, the eleven shortlisted films will be presented by Sylvain Tesson and the screenings will be attended by adventurers and producers alike.

The panel of judges – led this year by physicist and philosopher of science Etienne Klein – will decide the winner of the festival’s Prix de l’Aigle d’Or award, among others. To celebrate the festival’s 25th anniversary, the supporting programme will be varied and will include exhibitions, meet-and-greets and brand-new screenings in a destination that embodies adventure: Val d’Isère.

“We are proud to offer spectators an eclectic programme of films that raise awareness about the situation the planet is currently facing. Discovery, wonder, surprise, opening people’s eyes, exploring unknown places, questioning one’s beliefs… These are the aims of this festival, which proves hugely popular with spectators in Val d’Isère. This event is designed to CELEBRATE LIFE!” say the festival’s organisers.

Sélection Officielle :
Ô PARIZAD, LE CHANT DES ANGES de Guillaume Pierrel
UN MONDE SOUS VIDE d’Hervé Pfister
OUT OF THE BLUE de Davina Beyloos Montaz-Rosset et Sébastien Montaz-Rosset
LE GLACIER OUBLIÉ de Christophe Raylat
THE LONG WALK de Pierre Stine
YUKON, UN RÊVE EN BLANC de Mathieu le Lay avec Jérémie Villet
ENFER & PARADIS d’Antoine Chicoye, Michael Darrigade et Alex Lesbats avec Justine Dupont
THE WALL OF SHADOWS d’Eliza Kubarska
4 MOIS SUR MA BIOSPHERE de Laurent Sardi avec Corentin de Chatelperron
ALASKA PATAGONIE LA GRANDE TRAVERSÉE de Sophie Planque avec Jérémy Vaugeois