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February 2023
February 2023


The weekend of July 9th-10th, 2022 in Val d’Isère is 100% devoted to trail-running. The Odlo High Trail Vanoise takes place over 2 days, with 6 races suitable for all levels of runner. There’s a vertical kilometre, three trail races of different lengths , a fun run/walk and a race for adolescents.

Whatever your chosen route, enjoyment is guaranteed in the unique setting of this authentic high altitude village with its dramatic backdrop of imposing mountains.The High Trail Vanoise itself covers 72 km through 5 400 vertical metres. It marks the start of a truly sporting, family- and charity-orienteda weekend in Val d’Isère.

Respect for the environment
The Odlo High Trail Vanoise is described as a « Rhône-Alpes nature sports event », thanks to the work done on providing ecological signage and a ban on helicopter and zone coverage of the race in protected areas. Commitment to preserving the environment also involves various measures including : the establishment of recycling bins in the start and finish areas, adapting the routes to respect the eco-structure of the landscape. Clean-up teams are on hand to sanitise each section of the race course immediately after the runners have gone by. There’s also an eco charter and an awareness video for all the participants.

The races
The 72 km through 5 400 vertical metres of the Odlo High Trail Vanoise brings the runners – competing either alone or in pairs – to the summit of the Grande Motte Glacier at 3 653 m, through the Hidden Valley, across the Col du Picheru and the Col de la Bailletaz to the heart of the listed hamlet of Le Fornet. The route then turns towards the’Aiguille Pers, the Col de l’Iseran and the Leissieres ridge, which the runners cross via the Tunnel des 3000 before going back down to the Lac de l’Ouillette and the village below. This year, it’s possible to combine the High Trail Vanoise with the Trail des Balcons if you enter ULTIMATE 5.

The Trail des 6 Cols is shorter, but just as serious as the High Trail Vanoise. It is 42km in length with 3 500 metres of vertical. The route involves climbing 6 iconic summmits that take you through glacial areas and nature reserves. The runners make their way to the Passage de Picheru – 2780 m, lhe Col de la Bailletaz – 2845 m, Col Pers – 3000 m, Col de l’Iseran – 2764 m, the Tunnel des 3000 – 2940 m and the Col de la Madeleine – 2690 m.

To find out what trail running really involves, start with the 20-km Trail des Balcons. After the initial difficulty of the climb up towards the Lac de l’Ouillette, The route is relatively benign. It gives you a taste of the local footpaths that link hamlets, lake, plateau and forest. The Trail des Balcons de Val counts as 1 point, according to the new ITRA scale (mountain level 9).

As a partner of the Odyssea charity in the fight against breast cancer, the Club des Sports has organised the Odyssea Fun Run/Walk over a number of years. Val d’Isère supports the charity with this 9km route through 300m of vertical. The solidarity event, with the message of health through sport, is open to all adults and children aged 12 and over. For the walk, a medical certificate is not required.

Children aged 6 to 9 years and adolescents aged 10 to 14 years also have their own mountain race, the Trail Enfants, a mini route of 1 400m. The younger ones aren’t timed, but the 10-14-year-olds race against the clock.

The Vertical race takes the competitors 1 000 vertical metres up La Face to the summit of the Rocher de Bellevarde. The finish is at the orientation table perched at 2 869m, overlooking the village of Val d’Isère. The start on Sunday, July 10th at 1 pm.

Weekend Programme
Friday, July 8th :
Draw of start numbers
Saturday, July 9th :
Odlo High Trail Vanoise : 72 km through 5 400m of vertical
Trail des 6 Cols : 42 km through 3500 m of vertical
Trail Enfants
Sunday, July 10th:
Trail des balcons de Val : 20 km through 1 000 m of vertical
Odyssea charity fun run/walk: 9 km through 300m of vertical
Vertical race up the Face de Bellevarde