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Our top tips to plan your trip and your stay in Val d’Isère

To reach the resort of Val d’Isère safely and travel in the best possible conditions during the winter period, we recommend you have winter tyres fitted to your vehicle. Failing that, you should have snow chains within easy reach, ready to be fitted as soon as becomes necessary!

In the event of heavy snowfall

We recommend you avoid driving and, if possible, postpone your departure.


Our advice to drivers

  • Snow chains are mandatory on at least two drive wheels in the presence of snow on a section of road with a sign indicating that winter equipment is required (“équipements spéciaux obligatoires”). If you need to fit chains, you must do so at one of the designated chain-fitting areas. On the road to Val d’Isère, you’ll find such an area, called “La Raie”, after passing Sainte-Foy Tarentaise.
  • Alternatively, you are allowed to use snow socks on roads bearing this sign. In extreme conditions, however, this substitute equipment may under no circumstances be used in place of standard chains.
  • We also remind you that, for obvious safety reasons, it is forbidden to overtake snowploughs in operation. In the event of a traffic jam, do not leave your vehicle unless asked to do so by the police!
  • On leaving the resorts, you are strongly advised to carry the equipment required for driving in snowy weather.
  • When the weather conditions are poor, adjust your speed accordingly and take extra caution.
  • You may encounter a traffic-flow regulation system. To understand the purpose of these traffic lights, please consult the section on road conditions.
Extra tip

Practise fitting snow chains or socks to your vehicle, in order to save time and keep risks to a minimum when you have to do it for real in more difficult conditions.

Get traffic info in real time

To find out the state of traffic on the roads or within the resort of Val d’Isère, get full real-time information on:

Extra tip

For a stress-free journey, remember to have some bottles of water inside your vehicle, within easy reach, as well as a cloth or tissues to wipe your hands after fitting snow chains, something to eat, warm clothing and a good dose of patience.

Your holiday in the mountains

Situated at an elevation exceeding 1,800 metres, Val d’Isère has a typical mountain climate for which you must be equipped with specialist gear: warm, waterproof garments, gloves, woolly hats, and sunglasses designed for the mountain environment.

In addition, you must comply with safety rules, especially during heavy snowfall or strong winds. Our safety professionals carry out hazard prevention measures when the weather so requires, namely preventive triggering of avalanches, closure of ski lifts and closure of roads to pedestrians and/or to vehicles.

Extra tip

Some simple, effective precautions in the event of heavy snowfall:

  • Do not walk behind mountainside buildings
  • When travelling, try to stay on the main roads
  • Stay informed by consulting the real-time information posted on social media (Val d’Isère’s Facebook page and Instagram account)

Make the best of the situation by staying indoors with a hot cup of tea!

The art of living the Val d'Isère way

Val d’Isère is determined to retain its authentic feel and pioneering spirit, to offer you the true mountain experience..

The Col de l'Iseran is open   The Col de l'Iseran is open  
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