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News & Highlights The Bike Park

Haute Tarentaise - Savoie (73) - France

Accessible from beginners to advanced riders, the Bike Park Tignes – Val d’Isère is adapted to all practices: DH / Downhill, XC / Cross Country, All Mountain, Enduro, etc.

By mountain bike or VTTAE / E-Bike and even All Terrain Vehicles (ATV), ride down our 220km of dedicated trails and courses, for your greatest pleasure!

What's new in 2023

1. The new "Bike Libe" space

Are you just starting out? Want to get a taste of mountain biking and ATV trails but don’t have the time or desire to go on the longer routes? Come and discover the new “Bike Libe” area, created at the foot of the Face de Bellevarde, accessible at the Olympique cable car departure and the E-Bike COMMENÇAL chalet. It is the ideal place to start, to discover a new bike, or even a new practice like electric assistance! On this space, you will find:

  • A flat loop, composed of small wooden modules very easy to cross, it is the perfect course for beginners and children.
  • A mini section of our green downhill track “Popeye”: By recreating a short section on 250m of the Popeye, we offer you the opportunity to discover this track, your first raised turns! This will perhaps make you want to discover the Popeye from the top of Bellevarde! If you are comfortable on this mini Popeye, then the real one will not be technically more difficult, just longer with its 15km.
  • A mini section of our blue downhill run “Val Bleue” : By recreating a short section on 250m of the emblematic Bellevarde run, you will be able to taste its flow, and appreciate the technical level needed: if you have it, then you will just have to take the Olympic and go down this slide of flow and fun on 9km.
  • A small VTTAE climb of green level: Riding a VTTAE is an art: you have to manage the motor assistance, the pedaling force to give, the position of the chain on the derailleur, the height of the saddle (for bikes with a telescopic seatpost): it’s learnable, and it’s even easier when the course climbs on a gentle slope! This course leads to the mini Popeye, what to discover a small easy loop to learn and start again!”
  • A small blue level VTTAE climb: After the green level for beginners, comes the blue level for the initiated: What are the differences? Is it much steeper? Much harder? No, not so much! Come and test for yourself, and then you’ll be able to choose which Val d’Isere course you want to go to.

2. The new "Val Pesto" loop

Whether it’s time for breakfast, a snack or an aperitif, there’s only one route to take! The Val Pesto is a fabulous itinerary linking Val d’Isère and the 3 hamlets of La Daille, Le Fornet and Le Manchet. Very easy, it unfolds its 18km for MTB as well as for ATV on portions of roads, trails, paved roads, with several points of interest along the way: sometimes, a gourmet stopover at one of the project partners is proposed, sometimes, it is a cultural, historical or environmental information that will be communicated to you. This trail is adapted to all levels, as long as you are curious and greedy! Green level, very easy, this route will be ideal with the family, with beginners or alone because you will not have time to get bored!

3. Many new features on our existing tracks!

  • Val Bleue : This mythical track has again been improved, new sections redesigned by the team, we never stop to make this jewel shine !
  • Magic Fairy : We have improved some sections, to make it even more rolling and easy !
  • Blue Lagoon : It has also been renovated ! All the stony sections have been redone, resurfaced, improved.
  • Fast Wood and Bellev’hard : Resurfacing of some jumps, lifting of some passages, but no worries : it’s still good big aerial and fun DH track !
  • Popeye : resurfacing of some turns and some aging sections.

The Bike Park's must-sees

We reveal here our selection of the most beautiful tracks of the Bike Park!

Val d'Isère side

  • Val Bleue : historic track of Val d’Isère, it is the oldest, but it is especially the most frequented! Constantly improved and updated, its “flow” is always incomparable, we love it regardless of your level. Beginners find on the Val Bleue the ideal track to continue to progress, and experts come to relax and play with all the options of the course!”
  • Fast Wood: a real red DH mixing developed and aerial sections, with other natural, rocky and forest sections, it rolls to the top!”
    Into The Wild: change of scenery guaranteed! The only climb on the Bellevarde massif from Val d’Isère without using a ski lift, it will delight experienced E-Bike riders. Alternating mountain roads and trails, specifically created for E-Bikes, this long climb (9km and 850m of positive vertical drop) in a wild environment will give you access to most of the Bike Park trails: DH, enduro, new E-Bike loops and link to Tignes.
  • Fée Magique: this e-Bike trail allows you to taste the adventure with a VTTAE, but a reassured and secure adventure: Starting from La Daille, this trail climbs for 1.5km on a wide track quite steep: no choice, it’s nature that has shaped the relief, and you have to deal with it. But quickly, this difficult but safe start gives way to open spaces, gentle slopes, and a real nice mountain walk thanks to the electric assistance of your mountain bike! The plus of this trail : Several escape routes exist all along the route to shorten the climb according to one’s desires (see specific heading in the “FAQ” part of this trail map)
  • Popeye : this is our easy green trail to go down from Bellevarde ! A long trail, 1.50m wide, nice and accessible, perfect to start mountain biking downhill. But this track is so dimensioned for beginners, that it is also used as a descent for most of the VTTAE courses : A soft descent for all types of riders: Beginners, family, mountain bike, VTTAE: there is something for everyone!

Tignes side

  • Smoothie : the chillest and simplest of the Bike Park de Tignes tracks. Ideal for the youngest, beginners and families!”
  • Kangooride : red track with a lot of flow, “airtime” atmosphere guaranteed!”
  • Black Metal Elite : so intense and rather complicated ! You will feel like diving into the lake of Tignes…
  • Dark Jadore : the brand new e-bike track of expert level, which takes you to the Col du Palet passing by 7 small lakes, including the lakes of Chardonnet.
  • Cow Lanta : a rather easy E-Bike loop for initiated riders, with obligatory photo break near the letters Tignes and view of the Lac du Chevril.

Discover the Bike Park

  • Adapted mountain bike essential
  • Respect the signage in place
  • Mandatory helmet and protections very strongly recommended.
  • Pedestrian priority! On the All Mountain and E-Bike routes.
  • Mountain biking prohibited in the Vanoise National Park under penalty of fine
Complete cleaning

How about after a day full of mountain biking thrills we go through the wash? A bike cleaning station is available in front of the Aquasportif Center.

Free mountain bike shuttles

To cover the whole area more easily, shuttles with trailer allow you to go back up to Tignes le Lac with your mountain bike from les Brévières, les Boisses and Tignes 1800.

Have fun safely and enjoy the infrastructure set up for a 360 degree experience.



  • “I’m a bit scared of the Bike Park; I don’t dare tackle big obstacles in case I hurt myself”

People often think that the Bike Park is the summer equivalent of the Snowpark. A snowpark is a separate part of the ski area where skiers and snowboarders can tackle large jumps, but the Bike Park is not quite the same: it is an area that includes all of the trails marked out for all types of biking (MTB, eMTB, downhill, enduro, rando, etc.) and there are trails suitable for all levels (green, blue, red, black).

  • “I don’t need a map of the MTB trails – I know the ski area like the back of my hand” 

The layout of the area is very different in summer to in winter: only the markers and signs will show you the right MTB trails to take. For example, our black DH trail “Bellev’hard” sits on the route of the blue ski slope “Diebold”!

  • “If the MTB trail I’ve chosen is too hard, I can just follow a 4×4 track or ski slope instead”

Definitely not! The ski slopes are much too steep and may contain hidden obstacles (furrows, rocks). The same goes for the 4×4 tracks: they are used by works vehicles (pickup trucks, lorries) and, though they might look easy at first glance, can quickly become steep, rocky, muddy or dusty… This is why we always recommend sticking to the marked MTB trails in the Bike Park. These are the only trails designed especially for bikes, and are secured, marked out, maintained and patrolled by our Bike Patrol.


    • “I’ve brought my own bike with me, so I can take it on the Bike Park”

    Only if your bike is a reliable, sturdy and well-maintained mountain bike that is suitable for mountain riding, with hard-wearing tyres and resistant brakes. Just like you wouldn’t tackle the downhill ski slopes on cross-country skis or take a bicycle on the motorway, you must only use equipment designed for the mountains in the Bike Park.

    • “You can’t ride the downhill trails on an eMTB”

    If your bike fulfils the criteria stated above, then you can ride down the green trail Popeye, which is one of the downhill eMTB trails. An eMTB is heavier than a classic MTB, so you will have to brake earlier than usual, but you should have no problems on Popeye with an e-bike.

    • “I don’t know how long my battery will last during my eMTB ride”

    On average, batteries can store between 500Wh and 650Wh of power. For an adult weighing between 75kg and 85kg, you can easily ride up the Fée Magique or Into The Wild with a fully-charged battery, as long as you do not use “Turbo” mode all the way up! However, if you want to ride to Tignes and back without taking any lifts, you will need to use one of the more economical modes of assistance, pedal harder, or take a charger with you so you can recharge while you take a break in the middle of your ride.

    You can have fun on all of the MTB or eMTB trails in Val d’Isère’s Bike Park as long as your equipment is in good working condition and is suitable for riding in the mountains.

    Top Tip: Check with the place you bought your bike before bringing it to Val d’Isère. You can always hire a modern, high-quality MTB/eMTB when you get to resort or take lessons with a qualified instructor!


    • “I don’t know if the Bike Park is for me”  

    The Bike Park is for anyone, providing they are fit and healthy and choose trails that match their ability.

    • “What about beginner mountain bikers?”

    If you already know how to ride a bike but this is your first time on a MTB or eMTB, we recommend starting on the green trails and getting lessons from an instructor.

    • “I’ve already done a bit of mountain biking, both in the mountains and on steeper slopes”  

    You are probably “improver” level so the blue trails would be perfect for you. But, if in doubt, start with the green trails, which are the easiest MTB trails designed for beginners, to get a taste of what Val d’Isère has to offer.

    • “I am a competent rider who is used to riding a MTB in the mountains”

    You’re probably “advanced” level, so head for the red trails. To make sure, first try our blue trails (eMTB or DH) and then you can progress onto the red trails!

    • “I want to try the Bike Park but don’t know if I’ll be able to do it”

    Don’t worry! Our Bike Park has a wide array of trails will a range of difficulty ratings. We recommend starting with the easiest green trails (Val Pesto, or First Ride area, for example) and getting some lessons with a qualified instructor, who will be able to give you some tips for riding a bike in the mountains.

    • “I’ve done Popeye with a group, and now I want to tackle the blues and reds!”

    That’s fantastic, because if you enjoyed Popeye that means we’ve created a great trail! Just make sure you don’t get ahead of yourself: mountain biking takes time to master. One green trail does not give you enough skills to be able to tackle a blue with confidence.

    • “How long does it take to do Popeye as a family?”

    You can ride up to the top of the Bellevarde on the Olympique gondola in less than 10 minutes, then a family would take an hour and a half, on average, to ride down the 15km of gentle slopes. It all depends on how many rest stops you take in the three picnic areas along the way!

    • “How long does it take to explore the trails across in Tignes, and how competent a rider do you have to be?”

    To get to Tignes, follow the blue DH trails or the Fée Magique eMTB climb, which is also blue. We try to dissuade beginners from riding over to Tignes because there are no green slopes between Val and Tignes. It takes about an hour to get to Tignes from Val d’Isère centre, and the same amount of time to get back, plus the time spent exploring the many trails in and around Tignes itself!

    Top Tip: Stay attentive to the risk of storms or showers, which could block you in either resort and stop you from getting back to base! Check the weather forecast before you set off and, if in doubt, ask the lift operators.

    Do not overestimate your abilities: always opt for a lower difficulty rating to start with, to get to know the area and gauge the difficulty of our Bike Park trails. If you are riding as a group, always adapt to the ability of the least experienced rider to ensure everyone has a good time. You can always progress onto more difficult trails later on! And do not forget that a qualified instructor is the perfect person to show you how to ride an MTB or eMTB in the mountains, so you can progress more quickly!

    Val d'Isère tells its story

    Val d’Isère is keen to keep its authentic and pioneering spirit and to give you the real mountain experience.

    The Col de l'Iseran is closed until further notice (exceptional snow conditions). Access for summer skiing is open. The Col de l'Iseran is closed until further notice (exceptional snow conditions). Access for summer skiing is open.
    ☀️Summer season: June 29th to September 1st, 2024 ❄️ Winter season: November 30th, 2024 to May 4th, 2025
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