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Great reasons to bring your dog with you to Val d'Isère

Do you take your four-legged friend on holiday with you? Good, because we have a whole host of activities for you to enjoy together! From beautiful nature walks to all the places in the village centre that allow dogs, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Here’s some practical information to help you get the most out of your trip to Val d’Isère with your furry companion.

A few suggestions for pleasant walks with your dog

In the lovely bright sunshine, what better way to get some fresh air than a brisk walk along the paths surrounding the village?

  • The path around Ouillette Lake is a 25-minute walk where you’ll air your lungs at an elevation of 2,500 metres! To get there, take the Solaise gondola lift, where dogs are allowed, to reach Ouillette Lake just a few minutes later.
  • The 3 km Daille loop trail takes you along the Chemin des Sources between frozen streams and a larch forest! This very pleasant walk offers your dog a chance to let off steam and run about in the snow.
  • The remote Manchet Valley is an unspoilt landscape set between the mountains. For a real change of scene, go all the way to the end of the path to see the icefall.

If you want to go skiing or do any other activity, don’t hesitate to entrust your four-legged friend to Angélique, who proposes her dog-sitting services as well as group dog-walks. Click here to find out more. If you’d like to see other walking itineraries in the area around the resort, look here:

On which ski lifts can I take my dog?

The village is a lovely place to walk, but if you fancy going a little higher to explore the great outdoors, we recommend you use the ski lifts! Take to the summits and feast your eyes:

  • Solaise gondola lift
  • Olympique cable car
  • Daille gondola lift
  • Fornet cable car
  • Vallon gondola lift

You can reach the Iseran pass and walk to the Notre-Dame de Toute Prudence chapel by simply taking the Fornet cable car and the Vallon gondola. Once at the top, you can admire the unique panoramic view and even spot the Pisaillas glacier. There are two restaurants along the way:

  • Le Signal, located between the Fornet cable car and the Vallon gondola lift.
  • Les Crozets, located at the bottom of the Fornet cable car.

A few rules to be observed...

The Vanoise National Park is a protected area extending across 535 km² between the upper Tarentaise and Maurienne valleys! In order to protect this totally unspoilt wilderness and its outstanding fauna and flora, certain rules have been established, including the prohibition of dogs, even kept on a lead. It is also forbidden to harm the flora and fauna or to leave behind any waste of any kind. When you take your dog with you, don’t forget to carry poop bags to pick up its excrement. In the village, you’ll find over 50 poop bag distributors, like the one on Place Jacques Mouflier, opposite the Tourist Office.

Do I have to keep my dog on a lead?

You can let your dog loose outside the protected areas, both in the village and in the surrounding area. Please remember that only straying dogs are an issue. A dog is considered as a stray when it is out of its master’s sight or voice range.

We are very strict about cleanliness in our beautiful village and are determined to keep our streets and alleys pleasant for all visitors.

We therefore kindly ask dog owners to do everything possible to ensure the environment remains as pleasant as possible for holidaymakers.

This way for inspiration Our dog-friendly recommendations

Visit the village of Val d'Isère in winter

Val d’Isère is determined to retain its authentic feel and pioneering spirit, to offer you the true mountain experience.


❄️ Winter season: December 2nd, 2023 to May 5th, 2024 ☀️Summer season: June 29th to September 1st, 2024
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