7 hikes to do on the lakeside in Val d'Isère

Between breathtaking landscapes, rides with a view on our mountain lakes and technical trails for the most experienced, we reveal our best advice before you launch yourself, head in the handlebars, on our Bike Park.

From the Fond des Fours Refuge to the Col de la Vanoise Refuge Departure in Val d'Isère - 73 - Savoie

A grand hike that is an integral part of the 6-day Traversée Maurienne – Vanoise circuit, from Bonneval-sur-Arc to Modane.

This hike offers very varied landscapes and terrain. The difficulty is mainly due to the number of km because the differences in altitude are not too important and the trails are good.


+934m -945m



Bailletta Pass and Lake Departure in Val-d'Isère - 73 - Savoie

Beautiful hike committed from the hamlet of Fornet, the balcony trail can also be taken from the center of the village. The ascent is intense with 925 m of positive difference in altitude for 4km of ascent to the pass from which we discover the Tsanteleina on one side and its lake, the glacier of the Isere sources on the other with the summits of Val d’Isere. On this ridge live the ibex that you can see by arriving early and discreetly. On the way back down you can enjoy the view of the Bailletta lake and its green tones.

Little plus: thanks to the educational trail, you can discover the names of the flowers and plants at the beginning of this trail located in the Bailletta nature reserve

Variant: for the return trip you can switch to the Sassière lake if you think of leaving a car at the parking lot of the Saut dam. The descent to Val d’Isere by the Picheru is not recommended.


+925m -925m



Col de la Lose, in the kingdom of ibex, chamois and marmots Departure from Le Fornet in Val-d'Isère - 73 - Savoie

At the source of the Isère, here is a nice hike in the Vanoise, with all that it implies: richness of the Fauna and the Flora, proximity of the summits and here of the glacier of the sources of the Isère. Keep your eyes open on your way, it is not uncommon to see ibex, chamois or marmots. The hike is quite sporty but for those who wish it, it is possible to stop at the Prariond refuge, 6km (330m of difference in height round trip).


+949m -944m



The Pointe des Fours from the Pont de la Neige Departure from Val-d'Isère - 73 - Savoie

Short ascent presenting a magnificent panorama. Ideal when you have a short time slot or uncertain weather since you can do one, two or three summits…

A pleasant hike allowing you to meet chamois and marmots and to enjoy a breathtaking view of the main summits of the Vanoise at the top. On one side: Grande Motte, Grande Casse, Dôme de Chasseforêt, Dent Parachée, Méan Martin. On the other : Charbonnel, Albaron, Grande Chiamarella. In the background, the majestic Mont Blanc.

The departure is from the Parking du Pont de la Neige, almost at the top of the Col de l’Iseran on the Val d’Isere side (2530 m). The highest point of the walk at 3,074m offers a breathtaking landscape.

Note: Provide good windbreakers, we are between 2500 and 3000m!!


+550m -544m



The Lake of Sassière Departure in Val d'Isère - 73 - Savoie

A family hike, with no particular difficulty, bypassing the peaceful Lake Sassière, perfect for picnicking or bivouacking (an area is set up on the lake shore). A real little paradise on earth!

Sustained by a dam, the Lac de la Sassière is located at 2,264m above sea level, in the heart of the Grande Sassière Nature Reserve, in the Tarentaise region. Accessible by a wide hiking trail where you walk in a nice valley, along a stream. This hike is handicapped accessible (two reserved parking spaces on the upper platform, as well as two footbridges with access ramps (width 1 m) over the Louie Sabota and Sassière streams).

For experienced hikers, it is also possible to start from La Daille and go up through Picheru (image 4).



2hours and 25 minutes


The tour of the lake of Ouillette Departure from Val-d'Isère - 73 - Savoie

Are you looking for a quiet walk, ideal for a picnic? Head for the Ouillette lake at the top of Solaise, reachable in just a few minutes via the gondola. Let’s go for a walk along the water, with a magnificent panorama on the surrounding summits. Around the lake, children enjoy the playground dedicated to them.

Didn’t have anything planned for lunch? Settle down on the sunny terrace of the Ouillette restaurant and let yourself be tempted by its grilled meats. The lake of Ouillette, it is also the meeting point of the passionate persons of fishing.




The Cross of Combefolle Departure from La Daille - 73 - Savoie

A delightful hike along the Isère River to the Lac du Chevril dam. Passage through the gorges of La Daille (very well equipped and flat path but not recommended for people prone to vertigo), then into the undergrowth, and easy descent into the mountain pastures. Picnic area and orientation table facing Mont Blanc.

Start from the hamlet of La Daille, at the entrance to Val d’Isère: several parking lots available, in July and August take the free village shuttle and stop at La Daille.


+590m -544



Environmental note: The environment you will cross during these hikes is fragile. Please be careful with the flora and do not disturb the local wildlife. Provide yourself with a plastic bag and if you feel like it, you can collect the waste you find on your way. The marmots will thank you!

How to live this experience?

Remember to check the weather

In the mountains, the weather can change quickly and when you start a hike of several hours, it is better to be warned and to know what to expect before you start. You will then be able to adapt your clothes and equipment to the weather and not load your backpack with superfluous material.

To slip into the bag

In case of small hunger on the way, here is a list of snacks to have on hand: dried fruits, cereal bars, cookies (we avoid chocolate because it melts!), nuts, hazelnuts, or other peanuts and especially a bottle of water! (Count one liter per person for two hours).

Top 5 must-haves
  • sun cream 50
  • a hat or head covering
  • sunglasses
  • a compass
  • a small personal pharmacy
Know yourself

Before attacking a hike of several hours, test your physical capacities on smaller distances and increase the difficulty little by little. Moreover, if your hiking shoes are new, it is preferable to “break them in” by starting with small steps.

Find your rhythm

Don’t walk too fast, it is important that you find a stable and regular rhythm, a rhythm that you can keep all day. This will allow you to get less tired, to keep going over long distances and to adapt more easily to changes in altitude.

Dressing smart

Do you know the three layer system? The first layer is for comfort, as it is in direct contact with the skin it is important to use . The second layer is for insulation, it will retain your body heat. Use a fleece jacket for example. In third position, prefer protection, in order to protect you from bad weather.

Learn our recommendations for a successful hike and make the most of the moment!

Val d'Isère embarks you in its art of living

Val d’Isère is keen to keep its authentic and pioneering spirit and to give you the real mountain experience.

The Col de l'Iseran :  Opening postponed until further notice Access for summer skiing is open. The Col de l'Iseran :  Opening postponed until further notice Access for summer skiing is open.
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