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24 hours in Val d’Isère the must-dos

Spend your summer holidays in Val d’Isère, for a getaway in the heart of the mountains, discovering Savoie traditions and trying all sorts of new activities! The typical, history-steeped village of Val d’Isère invites you to join one of our guides on the mountain trails, enjoy the festivities and folklore and taste our delicious local products. A whole programme awaits you, for a change of scene packed with new discoveries. If you’re coming this way for the day, follow our advice!

A morning of culture and exploring

An authentic village Spend the morning visiting!

Here, the streets are packed with history and the architectural heritage has been beautifully preserved! Start your day with the inevitable guided tour “Once upon a time one summer in Val d’Isère”, to unveil all the secrets of our village and relive its fate on a guided walk to discover how this small mountain village evolved into a world-class ski resort.

Visit Arsellaz Farm for a traditional mountain-style lunch

In a remote part of the mountains, Arsellaz Farm serves lunch every day. Book ahead to enjoy a full meal in typical mountain style, with charcuterie, omelette, cheese and blueberry tart lovingly baked by Marie Pierre and her family. It doesn’t take long to get there from the Manchet Valley, via a footpath that crosses the old hamlet, or via the Vanoise National Park. For a longer hike before lunch, walk up to Ouillette Lake from the village, via the Arolle Millénaire or the Plan de Solaise, then back down the new path leading to Arsellaz Farm.

Alternatively, you can have lunch on one of the sunny terraces in the village centre, where you’ll find plenty of restaurants serving various types of food. You can then walk off your lunch by exploring the narrow streets lined with shops selling sportswear, decorations, groceries and cheese. Here’s your chance to treat yourself or find those souvenir gifts.

The afternoon is for hiking and relaxing

Cooling off by the pool You have two options

To spend the afternoon lazing by an outdoor pool, head for a hotel and restaurant,  l’Altitude or Le Blizzard. Don’t forget to book ahead, because they get busy in certain periods. You don’t have to be a guest of the hotel to use their swimming pool, so contact them directly to enquire. At Le Manchet there’s also the pool at the Relais (book ahead), away from the village with a mountain view! There are also plenty of picturesque spots hidden around the village, where you can stretch your legs and cool off in the streams and natural pools, for a free alternative that takes you exploring the wilderness and trying a taste of cryotherapy! Popular among athletes, this cold treatment is good for inflammation and soothes sore muscles after intense effort. We recommend two pleasant places for this:

  • The coldwater pool behind Saint Charles bridge, an ideal spot where you can sit on the grass and admire the view!
  • The Sources trail between Le Crêt and La Daille where there are multiple springs flowing across the meadows and the larch woods. This is one of the village’s most relaxing places to enjoy a good book, a stroll or a picnic.

Take to the hiking trails to explore the mountains

Try our favourite hiking trail! Take to the heights to admire the panoramic view, head into the forest to stay cool, stop at a lake to enjoy the scenery, or near a waterfall to cool off… Along the way, you may come across chamois, ibex and marmots! For a real change of scene, take our advice and don’t forget your camera and binoculars!

Stock up at Adroit Farm

Adroit Farm is a great place for families and cheese lovers, where you can enjoy a complete tour from the barn to the dairy. In summer, the 30-strong herd of dairy cows, mostly of the beautiful Swiss Brown breed, graze the pastures of Val d’Isère after spending the winter months inside. The 13 types of cheese produced locally, including Avalin, can be found in the farm shop, along with delicious craft ice cream for a refreshing afternoon snack.

To get there, head to the end of the village towards Le Fornet then, at the last roundabout next to the fire station, turn left to reach the Adroit Farm.

Make the most of the bar and café terraces

Take a break on a terrace in the village centre to enjoy a refreshing drink and chat about your fabulous day. This is a must-do in Val d’Isère, so here’s our list of bars and cafés for you to choose from.


An evening of great food and togetherness

Pick a restaurant for your evening meal

After an action-packed day, nothing beats recharging your batteries with a delicious dish prepared from fresh ingredients. Between pizza, fondue, crêpe, pad Thai or burger, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Night walks And mindful walking

If you’d like to round off the day in pleasant natural surroundings that put you at one with the elements, we have just the solution! Franck Bortolotti, a mountain leader with an inspiration, will take you to enjoy a brand new hiking experience. At nightfall, you’ll head into the forest of Val d’Isère without any artificial light to guide you. The idea is to listen to the sounds of nature and understand what it really means to stimulate the senses. Also this summer, he can guide you through a mindful walking experience in three stages, in a natural environment. You’ll walk slowly to fully embrace your movement as you find your inner self in order to connect with others and your surroundings. This 2-hour walk is for receptive adults who have already been introduced to this kind of awareness exercise. Sign up at the Tourist Office.

Val d'Isère and the art of living

The Col de l'Iseran is closed until further notice (exceptional snow conditions). Access for summer skiing is open. The Col de l'Iseran is closed until further notice (exceptional snow conditions). Access for summer skiing is open.
☀️Summer season: June 29th to September 1st, 2024 ❄️ Winter season: November 30th, 2024 to May 4th, 2025
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