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Respect for the environment Our actions for the planet

Through its majestic setting with its national park, nature reserve and protection areas, Val d’Isère protects many animal and floral species that represent more than 60% of its territory.

Val d'Isère For its environment

Nestled at the foot of the Glacier des Sources de l’Isère, protected by the imposing gateway formed by the La Daille Gorge, the village of Val d’Isère takes shape in a definitely majestic natural setting. It is these peaks, these valleys, these slopes that so inspire visitors and that Val d’Isère aspires to preserve.

Exceptional landscapes A protected fauna and flora

Beyond the village and the ski area, it is the kingdom of the ibex and the marmot, emblematic animals of the Vanoise. There are no less than 400 chamois in the year, 150 ibex in wintering and two emblematic couples of birds: the bearded vultures and golden eagles that fly over the village and its trails.

On the side of the flora, it is more than forty protected floral species on the commune of Val d’Isère such as the Androsace Alpine.

Protected natural reserves

The Vanoise National Park, which covers 5,240 ha, is located south and east of the commune. In spring and summer, two refuges managed by the Park and a private refuge allow lovers of wide open spaces to take a break from their itinerary. On the other side of the passes, the Parc de la Vanoise adjoins the Italian Grand Paradis National Park. Inside the Park, two sectors (S 43 and S 39) are identified as Natura 2000, because of the presence of rare meadows (network of high altitude valleys with Caricion).

The Réserve Naturelle de la Baillettaz, which covers 475 hectares, extends over a south-facing mountain and adjoins the Réserve Naturelle de la Grande Sassière, which is located in the commune of Tignes.

The biotope decree of the Iseran pass, which covers 214 hectares, protects the Leissières ridge and remarkable sites under the Iseran pass, on the edge of the ski area. Added to this is the area under the Prefectural Order of Protection of Biotope of Grand Pré: 202 ha.

☀️Summer season: June 29th to September 1st, 2024 ❄️ Winter season: November 30th, 2024 to May 4th, 2025
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