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August 2020
August 2020

Expansion of Val Kids and the introduction of mini electric snowmobiles to provide loads more fun for children in Val d’Isère this winter


In order to let little ones fully appreciate their first turns on snow,  Val d’Isère provides a dedicated kids’ area at the top of Solaise.  Val Kids was introduced in 2017 and it continues to grow. This winter, children will discover an igloo and fixed binoculars to observe  the mountain as well as a mini zip-wire at the top of Solaise.


Val Kids is marked on the piste map and on signs and is split into four zones: a games area for understanding the various jobs around the mountainside ; a mini artificial snow factory, first aid post, a control centre, and play piste machines in order to give a better understanding of who does what and why around the ski area.


  • A fun piste for learning to ski in a relaxed and safe environment: foam gates and arches scattered across the gentlest of pistes provide a  play slalom course  that’s an ideal learning tool for beginners.
  • A luge and toboggan track  for little ones to experience those first sensations of sliding on snow.
  • A mini skicross course for perfecting technique is located on Bellevarde with various play exercises during the course of the run.
  • A programme of entertainment also takes place  throughout the season  to allow children to become  mini-montagnards in Val d’Isère. A ‘must’ for  Val Kids is a full- on encounter with one of the resort’s avalanche dogs.



More information about Valkids.


Little electric snowmobiles


This is a new activity in Val d’Isère this winter that takes place opposite the  Centre Aquasportif.  It’s a children’s electric snowmobile circuit, complete with a number of fun obstacles that have to be negotiated. The eco machines have zero carbon emssion  and are designed for ages 5 to 12 years. It’s a great  opportunity for family apres-ski fun from 4-7pm. The enclosed circuit is securely managed. It’s  situated on the edge of the front de neige, opposite the sports complex .