The Minister-Delegate for Sports details the new measures coming into force for ski touring from Tuesday 15 December

Ski touring is authorised on the marked trails listed below, for up to a maximum of 6 people for adults (including if the activity is supervised by a professional) and in accordance with the curfew. Supervised activities for minors are not subject to this 6-person threshold (compliance with the health protocol provided by the supervisor).

It’s absolutely essential to follow basic security rules, to carry the right safety gear and know how to use it, as well as being aware of the weather forcecast and the current avalanche risk.

On the ground


Departure from the bottom of the La Daille cable car to the arrival station of the cable car. An ascent route and a descent route are available to allow beginners to take their first steps in ski touring. Once in the middle, it is possible to continue climbing the “verte” slope (395m +) to the summit of Bellevarde or to head towards the summit of Borsat (490m +).

Departure from bottom of the Fornet cable car, ascent on the blue “Mangard” slope, until the cable car arrival station. When at the top of the Fornet cable car, it is possible to make the connection to Solaise for an additional 267m + or to go down on the “Mangard”. The descent is via the “Plan” and the “M” slopes.

The climb to Solaise allows the initiated to climb a more intense vertical drop or the less technical M track.


Do not miss the ski touring competitions organized by the Val d’Isère sports club, the Avaline Trax. Timed races in duo or solo from La Daille until the arrival of the La Daille gondola where refreshments are offered. Many prizes to be won thanks to our partners Dynastar and Millet. Registration on the sports club website.


On the side-lines of the Avaline Trax, take advantage of the “Ski touring” test by DYNASTAR, on Wednesdays February 10, 17 & 24 + Tuesday March 4, 2021. Our resort partner DYNASTAR is waiting for you to help you discover ski touring in the “expert” version with the latest models of the “M-Tour” range to face the ascent of the Avaline TraX but also in a “discovery” version with the “Vertical” range. Limited park / compulsory registration on the Dynastar website. Come with your boots and poles. From 9 am to 3 pm on the La Daille snow front.


As a reminder: outside of the marked trails, the practice of ski touring is under one’s own responsibility (“at your own risk”), with the ski lifts being closed.

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Map of ski touring trails

Cross country skiing and racket paths





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