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August 2020
August 2020

Who has never dreamed of a society where you don’t have to rush ? Where benevolence, solidarity and the earths blessing make one. A society where we are actually true to ourselves and others, to our environment and to our own needs ?

These are rare times where we can finally slow down. We have always wished for it and here it is, waiting to be made the most of.. This is the time, embrace the Slow Life, enjoy every day as if it was a gift. Come-back to the present and refocus. Think about what is essential, the people around you that are truly there for you, family and loved ones. Rediscover your own home, read Proust « le temps retrouvé ». So, open your heart, cultivate your mind and take care of yourself!

Faced with these unfamiliar times, here some solutions to help pass the time ….

Culture –Mountain Books selection from Lucy Paltz.

  • Montagne spectaculaire; Alpes, les mondes d’en haut – Glénat : To fire the imagination.
  • Là où l’horizon est plat, je ne tiens pas– Louis Oreiller & Irene Borgnat : Follow a poetic story on the high alpine trails of Rhêmes-Notre-Dame (just on the other side of the Tsanteleina Ridge, in our Italian neighbours backyard).
  • Nuit sur la neige – Laurence Cossé : A novel that takes place in Val d’Isère in the 1930’s. A jump back in time by Laurence Cossé.
  • Le Jour J.O – Gilles Chappaz & Bruno Kauffman : Jean-Claude Killy, Martin Fourcade, the Goitschell sisters, Edgard Grospiron, etc… The exciting tale of their epic journeys from their early days to their Olympic titles. A real page turner.
  • Double Expresso, Chronique de l’heureux retour – Cédric Sapin Dufour: The exciting chronicles from Cédric Sapin Dufour … A funny and poetic turn on his passion for the mountains
  • Théorème de la peur – Greg Child : The daily life of an alpinist… The perfect balance between risk, fear and death depicted by Greg Child.




The climbing legends :

  • Patrick Edlinger– Patrick Edlinger & Jean-Michel Asselin : A tale of Patrick Edliger’s intrepid life.
  • Push : La vie au bout des mains– Tommy Caldwell : Tommy Caldwell’s breath-taking challenge on the Down Wall in Yosemite.


Adventure– Award winning films from the Adventure & Discovery Film Festival

Yearning for the great outdoors?

If you are feeling the call of the wild and the need to escape, you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else ! The team from the Adventure & Disovery Festival, in association with the producers of the documentaries, are offering the chance of travelling from your own armchair. Go back to the magical and wild landscapes where nature rules in its greatest form. All the award-winning films from the last years are available for free.


Zabardast, de Jérôme Tanon
Estrellas del Semaforo, de Margot Cami


Gourmet Time – The Recipes from Patrick Chevallot, named Best Pastry Chef in France, and Antoine Gras.

Because eating well is also an art form in itself, we asked our own National Best Craftsman, Patrick Chevallot and young Michelin star rated chef from the Barmes de L’Ours Hotel, Antoine Gras to unveil their cooking secrets.




Musical Mountains– Relive Sofia Landgren’s acoustic lives on the ski slopes.

Accompanied by her Ukulele, Sofia Landgren, a well-known name in Val d’Isère, charms us with her stunning voice. On the slopes of Val d’Isère.


Whatever happens, every day has a touch of art and poetry!