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December 2022
December 2022

They’re young, they’re talented and they have no fear. What they share in common is the mountain as a playground.  On skis or on snowboard, these are guys who ARE Val d’Isere!


We want to know more about our chosen riders: :Julien, Léo, Lucie & Simon.


Julien Lange

Your age :  28

Your job :  pro skier – that’s it

Your favourite terrain : couloirs – big, narrow, and steep

Your favourite day out…

A day with snow, friends, sunshine  and loads of jumps.  As mates in the local ski club 10 years ago, this was what we were doing , and 10 years on,  it’s great to do the same thing with the same friends.

Your secret spot in Val? The Pente des Lorès

Your best mountain memory ?

I have so many, I love those times when we set off on a bit of an adventure to find new lines. The most recent one that comes to mind was the opening up of Supreme Charvet with Léo Taillefer. It’s a variation from the starting point of the Couloir des Pisteurs. It takes you down via the Falaise de Charvet. Awesome ambiance, but I totally advise against trying it  – very dangerous.

And your worst?

Léo Taillefer buried in an avalanche about ten ago. That was a long, long moment for me as I helped at the scene. I truly feared the worst. But after 30 minutes my mate surfaced with a grin on his face. A miracle !

If a little genie offered you three wishes, what would you choose ?

  • That there were no longer the rich and the poor – that everyone was equal
  • That there was no more animal cruelty
  • That there was no more animal cruelty

I’m for a better world 😉

Your personal motto?

You conquer nature only by obeying it 😉

Your weak spot?  I watch a lot of football – I can’t stop myself!

And how do you see yourself in 10 years time?

My way is to live from day to day. I’ve changed a lot over the past few years. My take on things is very different now to what it was five years ago.  So I’m not immune to being even more different in ten years time. Perhaps I’ll become a sort of Tarzan, living in the forest We’ll see.

Last word ?

Good People Stay Young ? 😊




Léo Taillefer

Your age : 30

Your job :  In the summer I’m a carpenter. In the winter I’m a skier and instructor

Your favourite terrain:  where the snow is good

Your favourite day out : gently waking up close to my sweetheart, followed by a sortie to Chevallot to buy  pain au chocolat. I look up at the  mountains and study them in order to decide where to go skiing . Once I’m on my skis, I try to perform at the best level possible.

In the afternoon get my chutes out and go parapenting or speed riding. When the lifts close, It’s time to enjoy a good beer Chez Jules. And at the end of the day : a bowl of soup and bed!

Your secret spot in Val ? The Vallée Perdue

Your best mountain memory?

Beautiful mountain days  without  avalanche or fear

And your worst ? 

A day with an avalanche..

If a little genie offered you three wishes, what would you choose ?

  • Teleportation
  • Springs instead of legs
  • Electric skins

Your personal  motto?   no fear, no harm

Your weak spot?  I don’t want to tarnish my image 🎸🤩

And how do you see yourself in 10 years time?

Still fit, I hope, and running on full throttle

Last word?😊

 Le ski c’est la vie!


Lucy Paltz

Your age: you don’t ask a woman her age!! 32

Your job: freelance journalist

Your favourite terrain: A little bit of everywhere where there’s powder and it’s far from the crowds

Your favourite day out .. a beautiful outing off-piste or a splitboard* tour with friends, followed by a late lunch in the sun at l’Ouilllette. And at the end of the day,  relax in the jacuzzi at the Centre Aquasportif or tackle  the climbing wall – depending on how much energy I have left !

*snowboard which breaks into two, so that you can climb on skins as on  touring skis

Your secret spot in Val ? If I tell you that, it won’t be one any more! Particularly like riding in the forest at Le Fornet when the weather is bad,  nailing  the Banane runs top to bottom when it has just snowed.

Your best mountain memory?

There are so many! What I like, above all, is to ride new lines: even though I have lived here forever, there are still fresh lines to be found here and there. A beautiful line, great snow, and the company of close friends, there’s nothing better!

And your worst?

When you get scared. Even though it always works out ok, it makes you think….

If a little genie offered you three wishes, what would you choose ?

  •  Eternal life for those I love
  • Powder and sunshine every day
  • A hidden chalet at the top of the mountains

Your personal motto?

Happiness is not to be found at the top of the mountain ,but in the way in which you climb it

Your weak spot?  L’Ancolie, a local pâtisserie with a hazelnut and raspberry base. It’s a delight!

Last word? 😊

Love the mountains, respect them, and enjoy them to the full



Simon Bellabouvier

Your age : 22 ans

Your job : Student/ Masters in the  ergonomics of physical excercise  at Le Bourget du Lac (design of sports equipment related to human motor skills).

Your favourite terrain ?

The mountains in summer as well as winter !  What kind of a question is that ? Ha ha.

Your favourite day-out…

Beer and crisps in front of the tv –   oh, and a football match !

No, really, a beautiful morning  off-piste on the slopes of Val d’Isère, followed by  a little cycle ride in the afternoon,  a good beer with friends and even more ! 😉

Your secret spot in Val ?

Col Bobba aand the Couloir Est, behind Tsanteleina

Your best mountain memory ?

My best moment was the  expedition we organised ourselves to the summit of Mount Elbrouz, with Joris and Ulysses. Setting up our camps along the way and just being in the mountains during the most beautiful light of the day.  Reaching the summit is a feast of all the senses !

And your worst?

The worst was a slab avalanche which slid underfoot and carried away a very good friend… but happily it didn’t end in tragedy !

If a little genie offered you three wishes, what would you choose ?

A donkey ! A cabin in the depths of Alaska ! A beautiful blonde or a brunette ! But if it’s already the case …

Your personal motto?

‘Life is for living’  or  ‘late as always’.

Your week spot ?

Food lover and party animal!

And how do you see yourself in 10 years’ time?

Student….and Dad

Or if that doesn’t happen :

Still unmanageable  !

Last word? 😊

Cancoillotte !