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January 2021
January 2021

Update from 26/11/2020

Several commerces and activities will be open from December 15th and for Christmas holidays. More information

Update from 26/11/2020

Following the Prime Minister’s speech on 26/11,

The ski lifts will be closed for the Christmas holidays and until further notice, but our charming village is waiting for you! To all lovers of the mountains in winter who are longing for rejuvenation and big open spaces, come and enjoy a large bowl of fresh air in Val d’Isère.


Update from 24/11/2020

Faced with the health situation in France, and following the President of the Republic’s address, the forecasts for Val d’Isère’s opening will be specified in the coming days.


Covid-19 test information

Beginning December 1, throughout the 2020-2021 season, two Covid-19 testing centres will be available to test the population and thus better control the spread of the virus locally.

  • The first Covid centre is located near the Médival office, a partner of the system. It is reserved for people presenting symptoms or contact cases. Before going there, the person must contact the centre, via a dedicated number (soon to be published on the Town Hall website) in order to obtain an appointment for a consultation, during which the doctor will determine the type of test to be carried out. 100% coverage. Results communicated within 15 minutes for antigenic tests and between 24 and 72 hours for RT-PCR tests.
  • A second centre is intended for people without symptoms wishing to be screened, located in rue Noël Machet and managed by the Solaise pharmacy team (antigenic test) Make an appointment directly at the pharmacy, with your carte vitale for 100% care. Results communicated within the day.

Orientation test

Asymptomatic detection

Doctor visit

Update from 29/10/2020

Following the speech from the President of the Republic that ordered a confinement in the face of the deteriorating health situation in France, we regret to announce the postponement of the opening of the resort initially scheduled for November 28th.

Our opening process will carry on (preparation of the ski area, etc.) and we are doing everything we can to welcome our visitors as soon as the context is favourable.

Wearing a mask is compulsory in the resort (except for non-motorized two-wheeled locomotion (bicycle, scooter …) as well as for runners.)

The “First tracks” operation is cancelled in its accommodation, ski tests and entertainment package format.

We were ready to welcome skiers and mountain enthusiasts from November 28th… We will be ready again as soon as the situation allows.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones.


Nonetheless, we are doing everything we can to welcome you in the best possible conditions.

Val d’Isère has already put into place all the essential hygiene measures and health protocols for the 2020/2021 winter season. 

  • Social distancing and marking on the ground, plexiglass windows at reception
  • Wearing a mask is compulsory from for all aged 11 and older on the shuttles, at the equipment rentals and in all the closed spaces of the resort
  • Presence of  anti-bacterial gel
  • Frequent disinfection of the most frequently touched surfaces in public areas, inside accommodation and shops.
  • Online check-in and payment
  • Relaxed booking conditions


Health & safety measures for Covid-19

The whole village of Val d’Isère is now geared towards providing the most secure health and safety condition for holidaymakers.

This winter, Val d’Isère is striving to offer optimum health and hygien conditions for its visitors and staff. We have implemented strict hygien and cleaning protocols, and are doing everything we can do to ensure that all national guideline are adhered to in public spaces : social distancing, markers on the floor, plexiglass screen, and hand sanitiser dispansers have been provided. Face mask must be worn by everyone aged 11 and over in the shuttle buses, hire shops and all of the resort’s public spaces. The most frequently touched public surfaces, as well as any shared spaces in accomodations and shops, are regularly disinfected.

Since August 2020 Val d’Isère Tourisme and its offshoots  (Tourist Office, the Aqua-Sports Leisure Centre and the Congress Centre) have been  awarded  an AFNOR certificate for its anti-covid safety measures. Val d’Isère Tourism prioritises the health and wellbeing of its staff and clients.  Additional facilities (children village and the skating rink) will be checked from December 2020 for this certification.

For the ski area, the summer provided the perfect opportunity to test safety measures put in place by the lift company across the ski area.  Val d’Isère can now attest that, thanks to this test on the summer skiing on the Pisaillas glacier, the whole ski area this winter will remain fully operational, with no decrease in capacity on the slopes.  At the same time, all the necessary safety measures and social distancing linked to Covid-19  (mandatory masks in lift queues and on lifts, and anti-bacterial gel) will be applied.


All committed to ensuring that the mountains remain enjoyable (update from 11/09/2020)


On the slopes

  • Ski lift

(updated on 15/09/2020)

What will change on the lifts and  pistes?

♥  Instructions for distancing and dedicated signage

♥ Plexiglass windows installed at points of sale to guarantee the safety of employees and customers.
Card machines, tablets and other means of payment regularly cleaned.




♥  Masks must be worn in queues and in all ski lifts (from 11 years old)

♥  Anti-bacterial gel available

♥  Buying ski passes online prior to start date strongly recommended

♥  Cancellation of ski passes offered until the day before the first day of skiing

♥   Reimbursement of season passes on a pro rata basis in the event of resort closure



♥  Lifts cleaned regularly

♥  Plan to have a bin bag to dispose of used masks.

♥  Bins available near the ski lifts (1 mask takes 450 years to degrade)



What will not change

(updated on 15/09/2020)

♥  No reduction in lift capacity, no limited access to the ski area.


In the Resort


  • Tourist Office

(updated on 15/09/2020)


♥  Wearing a mask is mandatory

♥  Health and safety measure posters






♥  Marked one-way system inside the Tourist Office





♥  Social distancing of one metre indicated with ground markers



♥  Anti-bacterial gel available at the entrance

♥  Plexiglass protection windows between the customers and the reception team

♥  Instruction to take a brochure that you have handled,  or download the flash code to view online

♥  Disinfectant spray and hand towels available for cleaning the equipment used in the children’s corner

♥  Some documents from the reception area have been removed. Flash codes installed to be able to access documents on your mobile.


  • Aquasports Leisure complex

(update from 20/10/2020)

♥ Direction of traffic for entering and leaving as well as a marking on the ground to access the complexes
♥ Distancing between people, sports machines
♥ Regular cleaning of Beach, Bodybuilding, Wellness and Sports Complexes areas



♥ A maximum of 100 people will be allowed on the Beach area
♥ Showers and collective changing rooms will not be open for the Sports area
♥ Showers with soap only available at the pool
♥ A maximum of 50 people will be allowed in the sports area (30 in the cardio area and 20 in the weight training area)
♥ A maximum of 15 people will be allowed in the 2 climbing rooms


A maximum of 35 people is allowed in the Wellness area distributed as follows:
* Large jacuzzi: 4 pers.
* 2 small jacuzzi: 2 pers x 2 = 4 pers.
* Round sauna by the entrance: 3 pers.
* Rectangular sauna: 4 pers.
* Infrared sauna: 2 pers.
* Relaxation area: 12 pers.
* Hammam: 6 pers.
– Fitness classes will be limited to 30 people. Max

  • Transport

(updated on 15/09/2020)



♥  Wearing a mask at bus stops and on the buses is mandatory




  • Restaurants, bars, après-ski

(updated on 15/09/2020)

♥  Seated table service only

♥  Tables to be at least one metre apart or separated by fixed barrier that ensures no physical contact

♥  Wearing a mask is mandatory when moving around inside the venue

♥  Anti-bacterial gel dispenser on hand

♥  Disinfection of all surface areas and increased level of cleaning


  • Accommodation

(updated on 29/09/2020)

Conditions upon arrival :

♥  Wearing of a mask is mandatory in all communal and enclosed areas
More thorough cleaning and disinfecting of the most frequently touched surfaces in the communal areas as well as  inside your accommodation

♥  Commitment to respecting these health and safety measures upon arrival and throughout the stay

♥  Cleaning kits provided for you to use during your visit so that you – and we – can stay safe!

  • Rental shops

(updated on 15/09/2020)

♥  Wearing a mask is mandatory

♥  Disinfection of all rental equipment

♥  Anti-bacterial gel available



  • Ski school

(updated on 15/09/2020)


♥  Mask wearing is mandatory at the start and end of lessons, both for instructors and pupils aged 11 +

♥  Masks are mandatory in buildings for anyone aged 11+




♥  Disinfection of equipment such as bibs and safety gear

♥  Anti-bacterial gel available




Accommodation cancellation conditions

(updated on 15/09/2020) 

As part of the Covid-19 health crisis, the cancellation conditions for the Val d’Isère Reservation Center are relaxed for the winter of 2020-2021.

COVID19 = 100% refund guarantee”

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