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January 2021
January 2021

Two Michelin stars chez Benoît Vidal

There’s nowhere better than France for offering you a positive dining experience. If you come to  Val d’Isère, you’ll get the chance to experience the cuisine of Benoit Vidal, a two-star Michelin chef. You can do this in full gastronomic style at l’Atelier d’Edmond, or in a simpler version at his adjoining bistro  – it’s an opportunity to sample delicious dishes at a reasonable price !

This winter, some unbelievable culinary magic awaits you at l’Atelier d’Edmond. On March 23 Benoît Vidal will be joined in his kitchen by fellow two-star chef Michaël Arnoult from Restaurant Les Morainières, near Lac du Bourget in the Savoie region. Cooking is also about sharing and on Thursday, March 21 Benoît Vidal will reveal some of his secrets during an exclusive one-day cookery course.


Michelin star for the young chef at the Barmes de l’Ours

The story of Antoine Gras begins in 2013 at the Barmes de l’Ours, when he joined the culinary team as a commis chef. Working passionately and methodically, he climbed the ladder to become the sous-chef in 2016.  The following year, with the support of the management of this Relais & Châteaux establishment in Val d’Isère, he took overall charge of the hotel’s kitchens.
Just a year after taking up the post, this 24-year-old chef saw his work and dedication rewarded by one of the most prestigious institutions in the world of gastronomy: the gourmet restaurant gained one star in the 2019 Michelin Guide.

On April 5, Antoine Gras is joined in his restaurant, La Table d’Ours, by Benoit Vidal for a four-hands-on meal prepared by the two local celebrity chefs.

Master pâtissier of France

If you’re a food-lover, you just have to take a look around  Patrick Chevallot’s pâtisserie. Patrick is the top French master of his art.  The shop is filled with  feast of sweet confections created by him.  You have to try one in particular called  l’Ancolie –  don’t talk about it, just eat it !

ancolie chevallot

Local specialities

Perhaps you’d prefer to sample  some cheesy Savoyard specialities? Then try traditional fondue, raclette, or tartiflette. After a great day on the slopes, it’s satisfying comfort food. Check out all the restaurants on this page of the site.

Healthy food and eco values

Finally, for those who want to eat healthy : at the Arctic Cafe you’ll find dishes full of grains and superfood. Wash your meal  down with a Get Sexy smoothie.

Final of the amateur macaroon-making competition

To seal the season in culinary style, the final of the macaroon-making competion takes place in Val d’Isère on April 27 and 28.  It’s organised by Patrick Chevallot and Mercotte, the founder of the competition will no doubt be present.