Frontier control

Terrorist attacks have hit France and other European countries in recent months and the threat of terrorism has made it necessary to reinforce the frontier controls from non-Schengen countries.

Last April, the procedure for Schengen frontiers was updated: all travellers arriving from both outside and from the Schengen area are subjected to frontier controls, both on arrival and departure from the countries of the European Union, whether they arrive by air, sea, or road.

These new checks, which are more comprehensive, are likely to lead to a significant increase in the time it takes to carry them out, and may cause delays to Eurostar trains from Bourg Saint Maurice and Moûtiers.

Therefore, in order to the reduce the effect of these measures and in agreement with Eurostar, a new procedure will be put in place for this winter. The main features are as follows:

During the outward journey from London to Moûtiers or to Bourg-Saint Maurice, Eurostar will distribute a document to be completed by each passenger (minors included). This will include his/her identity, date of birth, date of return by Eurostar, as well as the train number for the return journey. This document will handed by train staff to the French authorities on arrival at the passenger’s final destination. The purpose of this procedure is to enable Customs to anticipate a number of checks and speed up immigration controls on the day of departure.

To allow security and immigration controls in the best possible way without delays to departing trains, it makes sense for passengers to arrive at their departure station two hours before departure. Thank you for taking into account these procedures for this winter and to confirm to me as well as to the respective mayors of Moûtiers and Bourg St Maurice your agreement in this respect.

The French customs service has made every effort to limit the consequences of these extra controls, but they need your full collaboration so that the organisation of the home journey for holidaymakers can be accomplished with the least inconvenience in the light of the new regulations. I’m available for any further information that you might need.