Four good reasons to come spring skiing in Val d’Isere

  • Enjoy sunny terraces to the full

March and April are the two best months of the winter season. Chilly temperatures in the early morning mean great snow conditions on the slopes. As the sun rises, it gently warms the air making soaking up the rays on one of the resorts many restaurant terraces a perfect pastime. This activity is known to locals as “skibar”. What more could you ask for?

Daring the dark winter months, the positive effects of the sun on our mood is a well-known fact, as is the great boost it offers to our vitamin D levels. So now you know what your next move is : reserve your accommodation and join us in Val d’Isere for a late season treat.

Just has to be done in Val d’Isère: sip a healthy juice at the Arctic café at la Folie Douce


  • Outdoor sports: great for your well-being! 

You often hear that the alpine air is good for you …

Fresh air, wide open spaces, breath-taking scenery as far as the eye can see plus physical exercise. At altitude the air is dryer and contains fewer allergens. This clear air is so good for your lungs.

But did you know that altitude reduces the feeling of hunger? It reduces the level of the hunger hormone ghrelin and stimulates leptin production, making you feel full therefore discouraging snacking. So go on, enjoy a great Savoyard raclette !

On one hand you’ll be strengthening your muscles (sore muscles after a day on the slopes are the proof!) whilst giving your heart and lungs a treat. American scientist Benjamin Honigman confirms that frequent visits to the mountains, where the air is thinner, stimulate a number of genes that improve the heart muscles.

So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and come back to Val d’Isere.

Just has to be done in Val d’Isère: a cross-country ski loop round the Ouillette lake on Solaise or ski mountaineering with a guide, a popular sport you`re sure to love.


  • Lift your mood: a simple way to treat yourself!

Scientists from Yonsei University in Korea carried out an experiment on 279 visitors to three major ski resorts. It showed that the skiers felt a great deal of satisfaction and pleasure when doing winter sports.

Head of research Hyun-Woo Lee confirms that a recreational activity at an adult age can make you happy. What’s more, the physical activity and social interaction of a sport such as skiing has positive physiological effects and contributes to our overall wellbeing.

Treat yourself, come and enjoy the mountains!

Just has to be done in Val d’Isère: It`s easy to come to Val d’Isere, but much harder to leave don’t you think?


  • Discover a host of great deals and entertainments 

Discover special offers such as a hotel holiday with a ski lift pass for only 1 euro or the all-inclusive Snow Express package including accommodation, transport and a ski lift pass available for the final long weekend of the season. Choose from one of the many events and entertainments on offer.

Starting with a super treasure hunt organised by Val d’Isere where you simply have to follow the clues to find the treasure. Check out the clues on the Val d’Isere Facebook page.

A classical music festival Classicaval from March 12th to 15th for music lovers,   Val d’Isère Winter Golf from March 22nd to 25th for golfers, the ski mountaineering village on April 7th for the sporty types, the International Adventure and Discovery Festival from April 16th to 19th for dreamers and the yoga festival from April 27th to 29th for all levels of yogis from beginners to experts.

Just has to be done in Val d’Isère: organise a mystery tour weekend for someone and spoil them with a magic moment on the slopes, on the dance floor (a unique style when wearing ski boots!) or simply sit back and relax in the village