Fatbike, oversized tire bike, chubby bike, plump bike, whatever it is called, this newcomer to the cycling world attracts curiosity. Easy to tame, this funny machine is always effective for young and old, men and women, road or mountain cyclists, whether they are experts or neophytes.

Frederik Van Buynder, a former top athlete, offers tailor-made e-fatbike tours with his Watts Up team. In groups, together or in family, always with the same sense of quality, pleasure and safety.

Reserve your time slot with us! https://www.billetweb.fr/wattsup-fatbike
Guided hike of 1h30: 75 €/person
Tailor-made outing, price on request.

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Experience the mountain differently: happiness in large format.
At the bend of an electric fatbike ride on snow, come and share an unforgettable moment with our qualified instructors.

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