Mini Package : 30€

– Unlimited pool (excluding wellness)

– 1 30 ball seal at the golf course

– 1 access to the AQHI playground (for ages 8)

– 1 map offered for the orientation race

– 1 activity to choose from: an archery session, ½ skate park day + equipment, 1 small car session (2 to 8 years old activity), 1 radio controlled car

– 1 activity to choose from: EVTT initiation, trial/bmx initiation, 15 min inflatable games (child – 13 years old), 1/4 hour pony in hand (child 2/3 to 6 years old),  1 hour golf simulation.

Activities + Bike Park accès = 45€

How does the Val’Pass card work?

1/ I find my card at one of the welcome points*.

2/ I charge according to my desires:• Mini or Maxi formula• Ski lifts• Cashless

I pay in cash, by credit card, check or holiday check.

3/ I can even from my smartphone with my Cashless account control my drinks and manage my tribe’s purchases, independently and wherever I am. I can also reload my wallet online.

After that, no more money in your pockets!The Val’Pass card is also a 10% discount on a maximum of activities (except skilift and Val’Pass).

*Aqualeisure complex, Manchet sales desk, Ski pass office and Tourist Office.

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From June 26th to August 28th 2021

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