Have a different vision of your vacation rentals
Clés Saisonnières is a company belonging to the ANVA company, specializing in rentals
seasonal for almost 17 years. We are made up of a family nucleus, the torch is passed on from father to son, who, with his experience in the real estate world, was able to train him and prepare him for all situations.

Our services: key collection, inventory, cleaning, identification of any problems, follow-up work, rental assistance, snow removal and many more. You can optimize your rentals and therefore save time and money.
From typewriters to the internet world, from wooden skis to parabolic skis, together we create the digital environment for vacation rentals.

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You rent, we welcome. Seasonal Keys, concierge in Val d’Isère offers various services related to seasonal rentals such as key collection, inventory, cleaning and linen rental. Available 24/7

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