Do you believe in sprites, gnomes or other parallel worlds? We use augmented reality on a digital tablet coupled with a classic Escape-Game adventure to make the magic happen. You then navigate between 2 worlds, yours and the one imagined by our teams.
Thanks to the I-Quest Escape, discover on the ski slopes or in our villages what you cannot see with your eyes!
2 adventures:
The Magic portal: Go in search of magic crystals and help the goblin save the world! Will you be able to close the Magic Portal before the troll invasion.
Operation Mindfall: Save the world by investigating a deadly virus alongside special WISE agents…

Escape game apero
When the game and the aperitif invite themselves to your home!
The principle is simple, it is a game to take home. A cooler in which the aperitif is locked and that you must release.
Two possibilities to collect the cooler:
– The customers come to pick it up and bring it back to Tignes (free option).
– The customers opt for home delivery (15 € additional).

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The first Escape Game in augmented reality!
Novelty summer 2021: escape game apero

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