Open on reservation: 10% discount during 2021/2022

– Traditional Thaï massage (loose clothing) – 1h….€90 / 1h30….€120

– Thaï/Shiatsu (loose clothing) – 1h….€100 / 1h30….€130

Thaï and shiatsu are full-body massages (from head to toe). They are practiced by pressure, stretching (light or stimulating acording to you), acupressure designed to free energy blockages as well as to get rid of toxins.

– Face Shiatsu – 45min….€85
An energy boost that gives a healthy tone to your skin!

– Reiki – 45min….€70
Hand placement on certain parts of the body allows to restore the body’s balance and to reconnect with your inner self for a deep relaxation.
– Palmar reflexology (hands) – 45min…85€
Brings physical comfort, restores energy, soothes the emotional state.

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Welcome to a journey between the Body and the Mind.

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