Ayurvedic massages and private Hatha Yoga sessions remaining true to the purest indian tradition.
Massages are made on the ground, on a futon, to remain true to indian tradition.
Located inside Hotel la savoyarde SPA.
Full body massage : Abhyenga or 7 poses with sesame oil.
Traditional back massage with sesame oil.
Legs treatment : Pagatchampi
Foot massage with a Kansu bowl and ghee.
Private Hatha Yoga session in group or single person. 1h or 1h30 session
Masseur graduated by Tapovan center. Hatha Yoga teacher graduated by the French Federation of Hatha Yoga (FFHY)

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Release yourself in a moment of deep relaxation by the way of Ayurveda.
David will make you discover his expertise in ayurvedic massages and his Yoga knowledge, sharing the fruit of a long experience and a profound respect for indian traditions.

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Plus d'infos au +33 4 79 06 01 55

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