Closed until further notice

Schedules : Open from Monday to Friday 10am to 6pm.
Place : Kids village, roundabout of the pistes.
Coaching : Gratuaded staff in the early childhood.

Informations and registrations by email or by phone
Reservations must have been done in advance, limited places.

Age: 18 months – 3 years
During your kid’s inscription you will have to bring its health record or a copy of its vaccines up-to-date.
The crèche is a place of discovery, of meeting and of early-learning for your kids.
Activities: in-th-open games, walks, early-learning activities, manual works, picnic trips, discovery of the moutain dweller environment…

Possibility to pay with Val Pass card).

(Closed until further notice) The recreation center can welcomed your kids during the day (meal included). The occasion to have fun even longer with the new friends!

Plus d'infos au +33 4 79 40 09 81

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