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December 2018
July 2019
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Official opening of the 63rdCritérium de la Première Neige
07Dec 2018
Val d’Isère welcomes its champions in style and celebrations start in the resort centre from 5.30pm.
The main street will be pedestrian only as the athletes are introduced to the public.
Programme :
From 5.30pm : Entertainment by DJ and pom-pom girls (main street stage)
6pm: Official opening of the 63rd Criterium in the company of the Mayor
6.30pm: Race bib draw (main street stage)
7pm : Opening firework display (Olympique avenue)
The main street will be closed to motor vehicles from 5.30pm to 7.30pm
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Giant Snow Sculptures
17Dec 2018
From December 18th to 22nd come and watch as 5 snow sculptures (over 4 metres tall) take form during the week as well as a nativity scene.
First the snow is packed into a case, and then the outline is drawn on the snow.
The creations are carved out with a chain saw and finished off with a handsaw by five talented sculptors.
From 10am to 8pm: Olympique avenue and in front of the church
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Santa Claus is coming to town !!
24Dec 2018
Get ready to welcome Father Christmas. This year Father Christmas will be arriving on his sleigh with his fairytale helpers.
Face painting from 3pm in tourist office
Pay Father Christmas a visit from 5pm in the company of his little helpers.
You can hand him your Christmas wish list, have your photo taken or simply kiss Santa Claus!
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French National Ski Instructors Annual Christmas Show and Firework display
25Dec 2018
Instructors from the National French Ski School present their brand new show featuring:
– Torchlight descent,
– Double firework display,
– Hot wine served by the instructors.
6pm – Foot of the Bellevarde Face